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Why Integrated Accounting Matters

Successware is a leading start-to-finish field management software platform that serves businesses in the home services industry (e.g. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and more). There are other platforms available in the marketplace, so what sets us apart?

While our customers may answer that question in many ways, there is one feature that we hear about more often than all the others: our fully integrated, cloud-based accounting solution. All your finances, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card account management, income statements, and balance sheets, are all easily managed within Successware.

Some of our competitors still rely on QuickBooks to meet their customers’ accounting needs because so many small- to medium-sized businesses are experienced with it. While this “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach may be adequate to help contractors manage their finances, does it put them in a position to grow and increase their profitability? We don’t think so, and neither do many of our customers. Just look at what customer and CFO, David K., had to say: “Successware helped us grow and grew with our business effortlessly. We started at $2 million [in revenue] in 2003 and now, at [more than] $10 million, Successware is right there with us.”

One business owner and longtime Successware customer, Judi M., was even more direct: “I would never go back to what we were doing before [a combination of QuickBooks and paper] and I have never been tempted to use any other software program because [Successware] does everything I want it to do.” Judi went on to say that the Successware platform “made it possible to achieve [our] business success.”

Gillian C., a multi-franchise owner and 20+ year Successware customer, commented that the accounting system is the “backbone” of her company and “if it’s messed up, then you are messed up.” Successware “is a true accounting system” and “has been a valuable tool in the success of our companies. Definitely.” In closing, Gillian said “I can’t say enough about Successware. I am just totally thrilled!”

With Successware, there is no need for you to buy additional tools, like QuickBooks, to complete your business processes. That also means no double-entry, which is a real-time saver. The fact that you can run your operational and financial reports on the same data allows you to better understand your business and identify areas for growth.

While we could say a lot more about Successware and its accounting advantages, we prefer to let our customers speak for us:

  • “The fact that detailed, departmentalized accounting is integrated into the operations software is a huge plus.” – Jewell B., Administrative Manager
  • “[Successware] has allowed us to streamline our office tasks and stay on top of job costs.” – Cheryl C., Director of Finance
  • “Great integration from tracking service history for our customer[s] to keeping accounts payable and accounts receivable up to date.” – Jill B., Accounting Manager

Finally, here are a few more words from Judi M. to consider:

“Try it, you will love it!”

If you’re ready to try Successware or want to learn more about our accounting features, call us at 888.272.8009. You can also request a live demo.