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7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Our HVAC Techs

Your HVAC Technicians work hard for you all year long – and it’s time to show them some appreciation! Especially as we approach the Dog Days of Summer, where your technicians will be working longer hours helping to repair AC units that have broken or to keep HVAC systems up and running.

It is essential to not only show your HVAC technicians appreciation on National HVAC Tech Day on June 22nd, but all year-round. Letting your HVAC professionals know you appreciate all they do for your company will make them feel valued and boost their overall morale. If an employee feels valued, they will want to do the best they can for your business and go that extra mile.

We've put together some ways to show gratitude to your HVAC techs for all the hard work they do day-in and day-out for your business.

  • Throw a Company Picnic or Luncheon: Block out an afternoon or weekend to throw a company picnic. Your employees will appreciate the much-needed break and enjoy the time to relax, socialize, and bond with their coworkers.
  • Provide Company Branded Swag: Giving your employees a company-branded sweatshirt, shirt, or coffee mug is not only a way to show appreciation, but also an opportunity for free advertising! Every time your employee wears or uses the item is an additional opportunity to increase your brand presence and awareness.
  • Give Gift Certificates: Giving your employees a gift certificate to a restaurant they may frequent for lunch or dinner is an easy way to show you care. Your employees will enjoy lunch on the company and appreciate the opportunity to take a family member or friend out to dinner.
  • Supply Breakfast on Fridays: Another simple way to show appreciation to your technicians is to bring in coffee and donuts every Friday. Or maybe you decide to implement a Bagel Friday routine. Your techs will enjoy having something to look forward to and will appreciate ending the week on a good note.
  • Buy New Equipment: Your HVAC techs will be thankful for a new pair of gloves or safety goggles, or maybe a new tool kit. Anything that can help them better perform their jobs is a gift that is both functional and appreciated.
  • Post a Message on Social Media: A quick social media message showing your appreciation for all your HVAC techs do is an effective way to show thanks. Your customers will also see the message and thank technicians who may be fixing their air conditioner or refrigeration systems that day!
  • Write a Thank You Card: Personalized thank you notes to your technicians letting them know how much they mean to you and your business are a great way to show your gratitude for all that they do for your company.

We've provided you with some simple ways to show appreciation for all your HVAC techs do for your business. So, make sure you are celebrating them on National HVAC Tech Day today and all throughout the year!

Another way to show them you care is by implementing an HVAC software system and mobile app that is easy to use and makes their daily jobs easier. Successware can help with just that! Our field service management software is perfect for the HVAC industry and can help you streamline operations and increase both efficiency and productivity. Learn more today by requesting a demo.