Man looking at computer and phone to schedule an appt online

Successware BookIt – Our Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

A new tool for homeowners to schedule a service appointment online

Successware is excited to introduce our newest Success Tool by Successware. Successware BookIt is an online appointment scheduling tool that your business can utilize for customer appointments. Your customers can schedule appointments directly from your website, without having to pick up the phone.

Getting started with Successware BookIt is simple. Once you sign up, you can fully customize our booking widget with your company-branded colors and logos. You will be able to generate a custom list of job types that will appear to the customer as appointment types that they can select based on the reason they are scheduling the appointment.

BookIt talks directly with our Time Slot Capacity Management* feature in Successware, making appointment scheduling effortless for both your customers and schedulers/dispatchers. It provides real-time updates on appointment time slots, so your customers are seeing the most accurate data. In turn, when a customer books an appointment online, that information is automatically sent to the dispatch board and the timeslot is marked as booked in Successware Office. So, your call takers are also seeing the most up-to-date appointment time slots available.

Once your business has customized the booking widget and it is complete, you can put it on your website as a button or link your customers can follow to book online. You can also put the widget link on marketing material as a QR code so people can have access to your booking site from direct mail!

Appointment booking is just as easy from the customer side as well. When a customer goes to your website to book an appointment, they will follow these simple steps.

Steps to Book an Appointment:

  1. Select Service (Emergency HVAC, HVAC Agreement Visit, etc.)
  2. Type of Visit (Broken Equipment, Indoor Air Quality, etc.)
  3. Choose Your Situation (No Cool Air, Duct Cleaning, etc.)
  4. Contact Information: Enter phone number and email address – If they are a current customer, their address will populate, and the customer can select their customer record so all their job history will stay tied together.
  5. Select Date and Time: Choose appointment date/time you’d like to schedule your visit
  6. Confirm Information: Enter additional contact information and confirm your appointment

Once your customer has confirmed their appointment, they will get an email confirmation and their appointment timeslot will go directly to your dispatch board.

If you have both a plumbing company and an HVAC company with separate websites, you can create two widgets to place on each individual website.

If you have questions about Successware and its new features, please contact your Account Executive, email us at, or call 888-272-8009.

*Time Slot Capacity Management must be setup to utilize BookIt. Please contact your Account Executive or refer to our Time Slot Capacity Management blog for additional information.