Take Your Reporting Up a Notch with Power BI

We are thrilled to introduce our new reporting and analytics tool in the new Successware Platform that leverages Microsoft® Power BI. Power BI is the industry leading platform for reports and analytics, which will give you more power, flexibility, performance, and an intuitive user experience, all while allowing you to tap into a new level of insight into your business.

What's New in Reporting?

All the reports you use today are being incorporated into the new platform, now with the backing of Power BI. This transition brings with it a slew of exciting features, promising a more dynamic and efficient reporting experience for users across the board. It also sets the foundation for unlimited possibilities in the future by combining Successware’s unparalleled knowledge of the industry with the most innovative reporting/analytics platform (Power BI).

The new reporting functionality includes all our paginated (page) reports you currently use in Successware Classic and the new platform, with filters conveniently located at the top. This will ensure quick and easy access to essential data. You can filter by job type, city, dates, job class, status, and so much more.

Users can run reports quickly and make changes to the report parameters effortlessly with conveniently placed filters. This will empower users to extract meaningful insights on the fly.

Successware's new reporting functionality also offers seamless export options, allowing users to export reports to MS Office platforms like Excel, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint, or as a CSV file. This flexibility makes it easy to share critical information with key stakeholders who may not have access to Successware.

These Power BI reports are seamlessly integrated into Successware, eliminating the need for a Power BI license. All the reports are included directly in Successware at no additional cost to you.

Successware will be rolling out the reports throughout the first quarter of 2024, starting with reports like agreement billing due, commission summary, job summary analysis, and more! All current reports will leverage Power BI capabilities by the second quarter of 2024.

Successware's new reporting functionality with Power BI is set to redefine the way users engage with data. With powerful features and a commitment to user-friendly interfaces, Successware will help elevate the reporting experience for technicians, sales professionals, and owners alike. For more information on the new Successware platform, contact us today.