How to Choose the Right CRM Selecting a new HVAC software, electrical software, or plumbing software can be challenging. Let us help make the decision easier.

How to Choose the Right Customer Service Software for Your Home Service Business

Is your home services company still managing job scheduling, billing, and customer information manually on paper or in a spreadsheet? Is your current customer relationship management (CRM) software clunky, underwhelming, or too confusing? If so, there’s a better way.

And don’t worry: it’s a safe and secure solution. Once you make the change, you can put your customer information to work in ways you have never thought of!

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

A CRM is a digital system that stores data about and manages interactions with your current and prospective customers. Moving your customer data from old file formats or databases into a CRM enables your team to leverage your contact list and customer details in numerous ways.

The modern standard is cloud-based CRMs because they allow any authorized user (i.e., your office staff and technicians in the field) to access up-to-date customer information from anywhere via their computers, tablets, or phones. That means employees can update customer records in real time. This feature is helpful for tasks like recording phone call notes, documenting service recommendations and estimates, and anticipating future service needs.

Four Benefits of CRM Software

The most important benefits of CRM software boil down to four advantages:

  1. Modern CRMs store customer data in the cloud. This makes it easy for any employee to access a customer’s contact information, job history, and more, from anywhere. If you’ve been keeping important programs on hard drives, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing all your records if a computer dies or if your server malfunctions. Plus, you can easily segment your customer list to create tailored marketing campaigns and incentives. And with sophisticated security measures in place, data breaches are not a concern.
  2. A CRM can automate many processes, thereby improving efficiency and consistency. For example, automated texts and emails reminding customers to schedule seasonal maintenance appointments can make proactive customer communications (and repeat customer revenue generation) effortless. Dispatching is another area that’s simple to streamline with the right CRM. When every technician’s location, skills, and schedule are instantly available, it’s easy to send the perfect person to a new job site to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  3. A CRM is an excellent tool for supporting the lead-to-conversion funnel. As a lead works their way through your pipeline to a booked job, you can see all communication history with the customer, if a member of your team was able to connect with them, and if a phone call is needed from sales to finalize a job.
  4. A CRM makes it easier to generate sales reports, forecast revenue, and remain in compliance. Customizable reports put valuable data in your office staff’s hands, enabling them to identify opportunities to improve performance and grow the business. Look for a great CRM provider that offers training and support to help you create these reports and tailor them to your company’s needs.

What Features Should I Look for in CRM Software?

Many CRMs offer a lot of the same features that appeal to a wide range of companies in diverse industries. The basic features of CRM software that you should always expect include:

  • A database for customer names, addresses, contact information, and service history.
  • Call booking and appointment scheduling features.
  • Intuitive dispatching and field service management tools.
  • Basic workflow automations.
  • Reporting tools and dashboards.

Additional CRM features you may not always find in a software solution (but should look for) include:

  • Accounting capabilities native to the CRM, eliminating the need for a separate program, such as QuickBooks.
  • The ability to use an existing price book for generating estimates and invoices.
  • Marketing-focused tools, such as automated SMS and email marketing workflows.
  • Data analytics and forecasting tools.

How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Your Home Services Business

There are dozens of reputable CRM solutions designed for small- to medium-sized home service companies. Choosing the best CRM software for your business requires careful consideration of numerous factors, such as:

  • Functionality. Does the software do everything I need it to do?
  • Complexity. Is it intuitive? How long will it take to get our staff trained to use this new system?
  • Price. Does it fit within our budget? Will it help our company achieve better profitability by automating some workflows and lead-generation tasks?
  • Integrations. Will you also have to change your accounting software, or will the software integrate with the tools we’re currently using? Or, could the new CRM replace virtually all of your existing tools?
  • Security. What protocols are in place to protect sensitive customer and company information?
  • Tech support. How hard will it be to get help when you have questions or something goes wrong?

Industry-Specific Considerations When Selecting a Home Services CRM

Home service business CRM solutions are not all built the same. The best ones make it easier for office staff and technicians to communicate, manage the business, anticipate customers’ needs, maximize revenue, and exceed customer expectations.

HVAC CRM Software

Choose an HVAC software solution that:

  • Enrolls customers in seasonal HVAC maintenance programs.
  • Offers fleet tracking management capabilities to find the closest technician for emergency calls.
  • Automates customer satisfaction surveys and follow-up messaging.

Plumbing CRM Software

Select a plumbing software program that helps your team:

  • Create data-based marketing campaigns that target specific segments of your current customer list.
  • Efficiently dispatch technicians to service calls and track their job progress.
  • Accept credit card payments from the field.

Electrical CRM Software

A good electrician services software tool will make it easier to:

  • Determine what services or technicians generate the most callbacks.
  • Manage parts inventory and plan for future service calls.
  • Automatically connect service calls to invoices and financial reports.

Successware: Your Best Choice for Service Business CRM Software

For more than three decades, Successware has been constantly fine-tuning our business management software. Because of this innovative spirit, we are proud to offer one of the best CRMs for service-based businesses. Plus, we strive to provide the best customer support available. Successware is ideal not just for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies; we also proudly serve companies in other home service industries.

Your search for a new CRM for your small or medium home service business ends with Successware.

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    Successware Features

    Successware’s All-In-One Business Management Software
    • Integrated Accounting

      Our integrated accounting feature is built directly into the Successware platform, saving your business time and reducing the need for double information entry.

    • Scheduling

      Easily book new and recurring jobs, organize calendars, notify techs, and manage job details with Successware’s all-in-one business management software.

    • Dispatching

      Successware’s dispatching software for home services businesses makes service tech management easy.

    • Invoicing

      Reduce technician administrative time with one-click digital invoicing.

    • Inventory

      With Successware, you can rest assured that you’re staying on top of your inventory. Our HVAC inventory management software helps you keep track of the parts you have and the parts that you need so you can quote jobs more efficiently.