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Call Booking with Our Business Management Software

Make Dispatching Fast & Efficient

A customer’s interaction with your company begins with their first call to your office. Successware® has a robust array of features to help you gather customer information efficiently. Then, it can use that information to match them to the right technician from your company. Doing this saves time, helps ensure customers receive the help they need, and reduces the amount of callbacks your company receives.

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Call Taking

The Call Taking module in Successware allows you to search for existing customers, add new ones, and create jobs for those customers—all within a single interface.

Do you want to know what call takers are doing the best job at booking calls? The Phone Call Report will show you what call takers have the best booking ratios, allowing you to celebrate those who are doing well and assist those who are not hitting their numbers.

Call Handling

Call Handling provides the ability to create scripts for your call takers, allowing them to move through the job creation process more confidently. This also helps with onboarding new employees as the process is clearly outlined, allowing a new call taker to get up to speed very quickly. Adding Objection Handling scripts can give your call takers more confidence when answering customers’ questions.

A scripted call handling process means higher closing ratios for your call takers, more jobs for your technicians, and more profit for your business.

Callback Tracking

When your call takers are creating a new job, they can identify whether or not an appointment is a workmanship callback. If it is, they can create a relationship between the original appointment and the new one they are creating. This allows you to run reports to see which technicians are causing callbacks, what types of jobs those callbacks are for, and how much time and money it is costing you.

Knowing which technicians are causing callbacks, and what for, allows you to do two things:

  1. Identify who many need additional technical training
  2. Avoid sending the same technician back to the job that received the callback

The average company gives away 2% of annual revenue to workmanship callbacks. Understanding your company’s callback percentage and tracking it over time can help you reduce the amount of time your technicians spend on less profitable jobs.


Successware allows you to collect data such as addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of your customers, as well as work history, equipment age and condition, membership status, and even history of repairs. This information can help you create customer-focused marketing that will drive big results.

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