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Successware is integrated software for small business electrical contractors that increases productivity, improves efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

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While your master electricians are out repairing circuit breakers and control systems, your back-office staff is hard at work taking calls, running reports, and handling finances.

Successware is just the electrical service software your business needs to manage your back-office needs and your electricians in the field.

Successware’s Electricians Software Features

Successware® software and its array of fully integrated features (including Successware Mobile™ and Successware Payments helps your electrical business with:


Dispatch the best-qualified technicians to each job to increase customer satisfaction and reduce callbacks. Capitalize on planning tools that help you maximize each technician’s busy schedule.

Field Reporting

With Successware’s integrated field service software for electrical contractors, you can evaluate your electricians’ performance at any given time. Once your electricians close out a job, it will send an automatic update. Live updates of performance numbers help you provide real-time feedback to maximize efficiency and revenue.

Job Management

Successware’s built-in job management software for electricians provides real-time job change details to techs in the field. It also provides the mobile-driven experience customers expect by supporting instant invoice generation, payment processing, and follow-up appointment scheduling.

Electrician Scheduling

Our electrical services scheduling feature allows you to plan for every season. You can categorize upcoming jobs based on type and complexity while providing prompt, professional responsiveness.

Callback Tracking

Call-takers can identify whether an appointment is a callback relating to a previous appointment, link the new appointment to the original one, and run reports for management to see which job types are causing callbacks.

Inventory Management

This integrated feature allows your business to track your supply of essential electrical parts and equipment so you can complete your jobs on time and stock back up on critical parts before they’re gone.

Accounting for Electricians

Keep your books accurate with Successware’s fully integrated accounting software for electrical contractors. Instead of relying on third-party plugins like QuickBooks, use our trusted all-in-one tool. The electrical invoice and billing software, secure credit card account management, the easy creation of balance sheets and other financial reports, payroll processing, payment management, and more make life simple for the back-office staff and gives you instant insight into the state of your electrical business.

CRM for Electrical Contractors

Use all the data you naturally collect from customers to build effective marketing campaigns. Successware can be your electrician customer relationship management (CRM) platform, streamlining customer communications and marketing strategy development.

Successware Payments

Successware Payments™ improves your electrical company's productivity and saves you time and money. This tool offers a range of payment capabilities and options that make it easy to collect payments from customers, reconcile invoices, conduct accounting, and see financial and operational reports in one convenient dashboard.

Choose Successware for Electrician Service Operations Software

Successware is the ideal small business electrician software to help companies retain technicians, handle dispatching more efficiently, book calls, integrate accounting, and handle sales and marketing, all from the same platform.

Improve your profitability while growing your electrical business into the future.

Call 888-272-8009 to find out how Successware can help you handle all aspects of your electrical business using one streamlined platform!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • You have everything wrapped in one bundle.

    “The biggest advantage of Successware is the start to finish software...you have everything wrapped in one bundle.”

    - Steve P.
  • I love how easy Successware is to use.

    “I love how easy Successware is to use. The lessons are helpful for training, the support videos are easy to follow and if you can’t figure out how to do what you want from that, the support staff on the phone are extremely responsive and helpful.”

    - Shelly C
  • Successware has made a huge difference on margins.

    “Successware has made a huge difference on margins and making a larger profit. It gives you a new insight into your business. You can see things you might have missed or things you may have waited for your accountant to tell you; it's at your fingertips.”

    - Sarah V.
  • We can handle so many parts of our business with this software.

    “I like that we can handle so many parts of our business with this software, from invoicing to our customer database; a wide range of reports from equipment installed to job [cost].”

    - Amanda B.
  • Try it, you will love it!

    “Try it, you will love it! [We] would never ever go back or to another software program. After 16 years, using the historical data is amazing. Can find answers before clients even know [what] to ask!”

    - Judi M.

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