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Job Status Tracking with Successware Business Management Software

If you run a home service business in the HVAC industry, electric industry, or plumbing industry, to name a few, you know how important it is to understand your sales funnel and your customer pipeline. A solid customer pipeline will set your business up for success for years to come.

Understanding where your customers fall in the decision-making process in regards to a particular job is crucial when it comes to how you should market to them. Successware offers tools to help you track their status - our opportunity manager - and pull customer lists so you can appropriately market to them.

Do you find yourself wanting a better understanding of your customer journey? One that will allow you to drive more sales and increase your revenue?

Through Successware’s job manager and reporting module, you’ll know which jobs are closed sales, and which are not. This can help you fine-tune internal training programs and create trackable follow-ups with your customers.

Our Job Tracking process helps you:

  • Manage individual jobs
  • Enter quotes and estimates
  • Create the installation job
  • Automatically populate the invoice

Successware’s sales and service software also provides access to:

  • Your closing sales ratios
  • Outstanding customer quotes for office callbacks
  • Lists of customers that couldn’t move forward due to finances
  • Which advertising sources are (and are not) generating leads and sales

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Opportunity Management with Our Field Service Software

How many times has a technician gone out on a job and noted opportunities for future sales to a customer on their invoice? It’s easy for facts such as this to get filed away and never looked at again.

With Successware’s CRM software for sales and marketing, you can associate those opportunities with the customer’s account and then report on them — which will help you know whom to market to in the future and where to follow up.

Pricing Jobs with Successware

Determining your pricing can be daunting, difficult, and filled with the risk of loss. Successware gives you several options to either create your own pricing or integrate with a third party.

Flat-rate price books can be created through our business management software, as well as custom formulas to calculate job pricing. Or, if you have an existing price book with one of our partners, it will integrate seamlessly into Successware.

Price Book Integrations

Maintenance Agreement Management

Managing maintenance agreements incorrectly can lead to frustrated employees and angry customers.

With our Agreement Manager, you can:

  • Schedule visits
  • Process periodic billings
  • Process renewals

These capabilities allow you to retain a larger base of maintenance customers thanks to increased efficiency, create more opportunities to get back into your customers’ homes, and generate additional revenue.

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Document and Image Capture

The capture and storage of photos and documents allows you to have a complete view of your jobs. Successware allows you to store these images and documents in folders specific to each service location. This way, you'll always have a history of what work was done, when it was done, and how it looked while your company was there.

Integration Options

Marketing Campaign Creation & Management

Every piece of customer data housed in Successware can be used to build targeted marketing campaigns.

Easily tailor your campaigns based on

  • The age of equipment
  • Repair history
  • Advertising customers have responded to in the past
  • And more!

Marketing List Management Reports can be run from any customer-based report in the system. You can then export the customer data and create marketing campaigns specifically tailored to your customers. This approach often results in higher closing rates and additional revenue.

Treat your Maintenance Plan, or agreement plan, members like VIPs by sharing exclusive offers and advanced pre-season maintenance scheduling opportunities. Know when promised visits are coming up and remind your customers via email. Send notices to your customers via postcard or email and create a list of visits due in dispatch.

Reputation Management

Successware integrates with the top reputation management solutions, helping you remain engaged with your customers and allowing them to provide their positive feedback about your company and team. Use this feedback to measure the performance of your technicians, incentivize them to improve customer service, and generate more leads for service with a stronger online presence.

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