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Available Now - Successware Mobile

Successware Mobile is here! That’s good news whether you are a current Successware customer or not. If you run a home services business, you need to know about our new state-of the-art mobile app.

So, what is it? Launched in July, the Successware Mobile app helps you run your business more efficiently while improving customer satisfaction levels and increasing sales. Start-to-finish job management has never been easier – from scheduling visits to posting an invoice to integrated backoffice accounting.

You want your technicians to be efficient in the field and so do we. That’s why Successware Mobile includes useful features like multiple device notifications, sales presentation tools, remote timecard management, agreement sales and management, paperless invoicing, a mobile pricebook, and more.

With Successware Mobile, your technicians arrive at the jobsite confident and prepared.

We designed the technician homepage to be a one-stop-shop that enables your techs to see more customers and get more done. It features, “just-in-time” assignment information, real-time updates from Dispatch (customer confirmations, changes, and cancellations), customer contact information, location navigation, and current job description. The homepage also includes a personalized scoreboard so your technicians can easily track their revenue progress for the day, week, month, and year-to-date.

Need more? Well, wouldn’t it be great if your technicians were able to take pictures and videos at a jobsite and have them available for future to reference? Successware Mobile does that and more!

Technicians can download photos and videos to Illustrate onsite issues, document installation progress, and show "before and after" progress. You can also use the media feature to store job-related documents. Best of all, the media files can be organized by job for easy access.

Finally, our user-friendly interface makes technician onboarding and retention easier with a comprehensive training process. Your technicians can be fully trained and out in the field in just a couple of hours. The intuitive design makes it easy to learn and build confidence while on the job. Detailed views of the job, the customer, the physical location, and equipment are all at the technician’s fingertips.

If you are not already using Successware Mobile and would like to learn more, please contact our team to request a live demo.