Back-Office Management Supercharge Your Home Service Business
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Back-Office Management

Our Business Management Software Keeps All Aspects of Your Business Running

Your business management and accounting solutions don’t have to reside on separate software. You run a business that involves interacting with your customers, managing your technicians, and tracking your finances, and you should be able to manage it through one simple platform. Successware’s integrated accounting allows you to look at the day-to-day operational data of your business and evaluate that information with revenue data attached, helping you get a complete picture of your business and where it’s headed.

Hear from one of our largest clients, Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, how Successware was able to help them digitize their paper based business with the help of our back-office platform and Successware Mobile. With the help of the Successware team, Sierra Pacific was able to increase their efficiencies and scale their business at a much faster pace.

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Inventory Management

Just as critical as having capacity within the team to run jobs is having the parts necessary to successfully complete a job. The Inventory Management module allows you to be certain the correct parts are available in the right quantity to perform a given job.


Successware is an integrated accounting software solution. All your finances, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card account management, income statements, and balance sheets, are managed within Successware.

ACH & CC Processing

Successware works with multiple partners to make the processing of credit card payments (as well as pre-authorizations, voids, and refunds) as simple as a click of a button. Automated recognition of deferred revenue when visits are performed helps you more accurately evaluate the profitability of your plans. Plus, you can say goodbye to the stressful hours of work involved in processing billing for hundreds of monthly maintenance agreements by using our simple, automated batch processing.

The processing of periodic billings for your agreement customers is a snap. With your accounting and operations managed in one system you won’t need to maintain multiple lists. You can batch create, mark as paid, and post your agreement billings with just a few clicks. If you use the integrated credit card processing offered by Successware, you can even have your credit card and ACH payments automatically process each month (with no extra work!).

Payroll Processing Integrations


Growing your business is a process that involves a multi-pronged approach. You need to be able to look inside your business and use substantial data to find ways to grow and save.

Could you run your business better if you knew your technician’s average tickets, total sales, dollars per hour worked, billable hour efficiency, and more? Yes! Knowing these numbers can help you see what areas specific technicians need training in.

Our Business Management Software Makes Your Job Easier

Successware gives you tools to better understand which of your technicians are showing the best return on investment. Through an end-of-job debriefing process — as well as information that is gathered from completed invoices — Successware allows you to run both company-level and technician performance-level reports.

The Company Performance Scoreboard allows you to enter goals for your company, technicians, and salespeople. Then, you can track their performances against those goals using real-time data. With easy-to-digest charts and grids, you’ll be able to know where your company stands at any moment from the palm of your hand.

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