Integration Partners Supercharge Your Business with Successware's All-In-One Business Management Platform


At Successware we partner with best-in-class providers across the tech community to extend the features of Successware and create a true one stop, integrated solution for your company.

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Hosting and IT Services

Advance2000 is our hosting and cloud provider, enabling you to access our services anywhere and at any time. They provide 24/7 support, data backups, and integral additional services including the SW21 Scoreboard, call center, and complete business IT services. Taking a streamlined approach to business, Advance2000 provides all the technology for modern businesses to succeed.

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Payment Processing

Global Payments Integrated

Global Payments Integrated helps businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions, allowing developers of business management solutions to accept payments through their systems and add value to their software.

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Payroll Processing

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ADP combines technology and process to reduce the amount of time you need to spend incorporating your payroll data. ADP will process your payroll, handle the tax filing, and provide net pay via direct deposit, traditional paper checks and pay cards.

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Online Reputation Management

More and more, your clients rely on the reviews of other customers in choosing a contractor. Managing your online reputation is an essential part of continued growth of your company. To aid you in this we have teamed with the top companies in the field of reputation management to offer seamless integrations to their services.

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Webfleet Certified Partner
GPS Integration

Successware is proud to partner with Webfleet and the company's OnPoint AVS, the leading fleet management provider in the home services industry. Webfleet has a unique understanding of the fleet needs of the residential service contractor.

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Document and Image Capture

The capture and storage of photos and documents allows you to have a more complete overall view of your customer. Successware allows you to store these images and documents in folders specific to each service location in two ways.Dropbox logo

Our Dropbox integration allows you to access a folder containing documents and images for a service location in a cloud-based Dropbox account that is accessible from with Successware and from within SWRemote.

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Successware also integrates with CompanyCam, an app for your technician’s phone or tablet that allows them to take and store pictures or scan documents.

Whenever a job is created in Successware, the job-site location/address will be added to CompanyCam as a “Project”. Technicians can then take a picture or scan a document into CompanyCam for the service location they are at. CompanyCam verifies the geolocation, and then will upload the image or document.

Each of the images can then be accessed by your office team in real-time. The "Project" will have all images associated with that address from all jobs that have been completed.

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Third Party Pricebook Imports

While you can build your own Flat Rate Pricebook in Successware, we have also worked with the top third party pricebook providers in the industry to create a simple and easy import of your information.

The New Flat Rate Profit Rhino NSPG Price Guide

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NSPG Price Guide

Other Integrations

Successware allows you to integrate with even more partners.

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The Schedule Engine integration with Successware allows you to offer customers smart online repair and sales scheduling automatically confirms their appointments through both text and voice.

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Successware Features

  • Custom Reporting

    Reporting modules help you measure, track, and improve various areas within your business. From individual call taker and technician performance metrics to job profitability reports, Successware gives you the data you need to make important business decisions.

  • Integrated Accounting

    Fully integrated accounting – no double-entry of information into dispatching programs or bookkeeping software! Not only will this save time, but it will also allow you to better understand your business by running both your operational and financial reports on the same data.

  • Mobile Field Service Management

    Get your technicians onboarded quickly with Successware Mobile –intuitive design makes it easy to learn on the job, in the field. Detailed views of the job, the customer, physical location, and equipment are all available at your technician’s fingertips.

  • Customer Account Management

    Reach out to every customer who hasn’t had a visit in the last year, target individuals with old equipment that may need replacement, or offer special deals to your membership customers. All of this is easy to do with Successware!

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