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Successware Software Integrations

At Successware, we partner with best-in-class providers across the tech community to extend the features of Successware and create a true one-stop, integrated solution for your company.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3:

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  2. Integrate with third-party APIs.
  3. Grow your business by improving customer satisfaction.

Cloud Software Integrations and IT Services

The new Successware platform combines software components that business development teams use to build scalable cloud-native applications. With cloud-hosting via Amazon Web Services or AWS, your business can access benefits such as:

  • Maximum uptime and security
  • Run full off the cloud and no longer be reliant on a server
  • Plenty of storage package options to fit your business needs
  • Increase security and data backup and disaster recovery
  • Ability to scale your business as it grows

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Payment Processing

Successware Payments is our in-house payment processing solution that is fully integrated within Successware and Successware Mobile.

Successware Payments…

  • Empowers your customers to pay you faster
  • Streamlines your most time-consuming accounting tasks
  • Offers simplified billing and digital invoicing
  • Helps your customers say YES to more products and services

Find out more by emailing one of our Payments Specialists.

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Payroll Processing Integrations

intuit QuickBooks PayrollADP logo

ADP combines technology and process to reduce the time you need to spend incorporating your payroll data. ADP will process your payroll, handle the tax filing, and provide net pay via direct deposit, traditional paper checks and payment cards.

Visit ADP's Website QuickBooks Payroll

Online Reputation Management

Your clients increasingly rely on other customers’ reviews when choosing a contractor. Managing your online reputation is essential to your company's continued growth. To aid you in this, we have teamed with the top companies in the field of reputation management to offer seamless integrations to their services.

PulseM Customer Lobby

PulseM logo

Call Center Services

Successware partners with a call center that provide an exceptional level of customer service to your customers.

CallPoint is a full service call center, handling daytime overflow plus nights/weekend support for plumbing, HVAC and electrical companies.

More About CallPoint

Document and Image Capture

The capture and storage of photos and documents allows you to have a more complete overall view of your customer. Successware will enable you to store these images and documents in folders specific to each service location.

CompanyCam logo

Successware integrates with CompanyCam, an app for your technician’s phone or tablet that allows them to take and store pictures or scan documents.

Whenever a job is created in Successware, the job-site location/address will be added to CompanyCam as a “Project.” Technicians can then take a picture or scan a document into CompanyCam for the service location. CompanyCam verifies the geolocation and then uploads the image or document. Your office team can then access each of the images in real time. The "Project" will have all images associated with that address from all jobs that have been completed.

About CompanyCam

Third-Party Pricebook Imports

While you can build your own Flat Rate Pricebook in Successware, we have also worked with the industry's top third-party price book providers to create a simple and easy import of your information.

The New Flat Rate Profit Rhino NSPG Price Guide

the new flat rate logo
Profit Rhino logo
NSPG Price Guide

Scheduling Software Integrations

Schedule Engine logo

Schedule Engine is the recommended integrated scheduling software with Successware. It allows you to offer customers intelligent online repair and sales scheduling that automatically confirms their appointments through text and voice.

Visit Schedule Engine's Website

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    Successware Features

    Successware’s All-In-One Business Management Software
    • Integrated Accounting

      Our integrated accounting feature is built directly into the Successware platform, saving your business time and reducing the need for double information entry.

    • Scheduling

      Easily book new and recurring jobs, organize calendars, notify techs, and manage job details with Successware’s all-in-one business management software.

    • Dispatching

      Successware’s dispatching software for home services businesses makes service tech management easy.

    • Invoicing

      Reduce technician administrative time with one-click digital invoicing.

    • Inventory

      With Successware, you can rest assured that you’re staying on top of your inventory. Our HVAC inventory management software helps you keep track of the parts you have and the parts that you need so you can quote jobs more efficiently.