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Dispatching Software

Successware Makes Finding the Right Technician for a Job Simple & Fast

Dispatching is a critical part of any service business. Getting the right technician to the right job quickly is critical. Ensuring the person you send to a job has the right skillset is crucial to prevent losing customers to the competition.

Successware® allows you to flag the skillsets of your employees. So, when you go to assign them work in Dispatch, you will be notified if certain technicians aren’t qualified for that job. This helps you avoid time wasted by sending an unqualified technician to a given job and minimizes workmanship callbacks.

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Capacity Planning

Knowing how much capacity to run work your business has is essential to maximizing revenue. The Capacity Planning module helps you manage and maximize your daily and weekly capacity so you can make informed decisions. A week with more capacity? Trigger an outbound campaign to your maintenance plan customers to generate maintenance visits. Knowing your capacity can help you to leverage it to make more money.

Job Change Notifications

Keeping your technicians working and minimizing down time is critical to technician retention and customer satisfaction. With Successware, your technicians can receive real-time notifications about assignments and schedule changes across devices, whether a phone or tablet. If a job changes en route, or if their next job is modified, your team will be notified immediately.


From the moment a customer contacts your company to the second your technician arrives onsite, Successware helps keep your customer informed.

Customer notifications allow you to confirm appointments and let clients know who is on their way and when they'll arrive. You can also send out follow-up emails after a job is completed to ensure the customer is satisfied with the work performed.

Fleet Tracking & Management

Successware utilizes Google Maps to allow you to determine where your technicians currently are and who would be the best technician to dispatch to a job based on their estimated arrival time. Dispatchers can electronically send address change information to a technician without manually re-typing job information, reducing errors and eliminating inefficient calls between dispatchers and technicians.

All these features help improve efficiency, allowing a technician to be more efficient and run more work over the course of a given day.

Successware also integrates with TomTom’s one-point AVS that has additional tracking mechanisms to help improve technician driving behavior, reduce dispatch time, and manage fuel costs.

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