Successware's HVAC and Plumbing Glossaries

Successware proudly offers an HVAC, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Plumbing glossary of terms on our website. These glossaries were designed as a learning resource to provide further education to seasoned technicians and plumbers and to help apprentices and those just starting to learn industry terms quickly.

These glossaries were designed to help your technicians in the field and your customers, or homeowners, quickly locate key definitions relating to their HVAC, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Plumbing needs in an easy-to-use format.

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Simple-to-Use Glossaries

Our glossaries were designed to make finding the definition for an HVAC or plumbing term quick and painless. When you open the Glossary on our website, you have two options – the HVAC/IAQ Glossary or the Plumbing Glossary. You will select the Glossary you want to search based on the term you need to be defined.

There are a few different ways to look up terms within each Glossary. We have provided a handy search bar at the top of each for you to type in the word you want. When you hit enter, the word you searched and the corresponding definition will populate.

You can also filter by category at the top to become familiar with keywords within the HVAC/IAQ or plumbing space. Our HVAC glossary is broken into two sections:

  • General HVAC
  • Indoor Air Quality

Our plumbing glossary is broken down into:

  • Components and Fixtures
  • General Plumbing Terms
  • Septic System Specific Components
  • Tools and Materials.

When you select the category, it will automatically pull up all associated words to scroll through until you find the definition you need.

There is also a handy, clickable alphabet below the category section. If you know the word you are looking for, click on the word's first letter, and all the words with that first letter will appear.

When you complete your search and want to perform an additional search, click on (Clear) next to the search bar, and all filters will be removed, setting you up for your next search.

Provide Technicians & Plumbers with the Necessary Resources

These two glossaries are an excellent resource for your technicians, apprentices, and helpers. As apprentices and helpers hear terms in the field, they can quickly look at the Glossary to get the correct meaning of the word. They can also use our Glossary to help study and familiarize themselves with the standard terms in the industry.

Our HVAC glossary features key terms from air conditioner to zoning and everything in between. If your technician is out on a job and needs to define a term for themselves or their customer, they can quickly pull up our Glossary to locate the correct term and definition. They no longer will have to waste time searching online or calling the back office for help.

Our HVAC glossary also features Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) terms as well. You can find definitions for radon, carbon monoxide, air filters, and more here.

Our Plumbing glossary covers various topics, including common plumbing terms, components and fixtures, tools and materials, and septic system-specific components. The Glossary is broken down into those categories making searching for the term you need easy.

Educate Homeowners on Industry Terms

Our HVAC and Plumbing glossaries are also an excellent resource for homeowners. If a homeowner needs a new heat pump for their furnace or a new scald guard for their plumbing system, they can consult our Glossary to understand better what each of these products means and why they are essential.

When the homeowner is informed and understands what they need, they are better equipped to make the best decision for their home.

Glossaries in Successware Mobile

As an added bonus, your technicians and plumbers can easily access both glossaries directly in the Successware Mobile app. This makes navigating the glossaries to find the definition you need while on a job site even easier.

To access the HVAC/IAQ and Plumbing glossaries in Successware Mobile, click the menu button and navigate to Glossary. You can select whether you need the HVAC and IAQ glossary or the Plumbing glossary.

If you are looking for HVAC software or plumbing software, reach out to Successware for more information on how we can help you manage and grow your business.