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Why Integrated Accounting Matters

The Top Three Benefits of Integrated Accounting Software

Service businesses place time, revenue, and expenses across several distinct tools. Managing invoices, payroll, parts and material orders, plus the countless day-to-day costs of running a successful business seem tailor-made for causing accounting errors. Accounting integration addresses financial accuracy, reduces redundant work, and provides growing businesses with a comprehensive picture of their overall financial health.

What Is Accounting Integration?

Integrated accounting software, a core feature of Successware, helps businesses centralize financial information into a single application. Instead of managing finances across several platforms, these tools categorize and aggregate a range of accounting functions, including invoices, balance sheets, credit card accounts, and more.

How Does Accounting Integration Work?

Successware’s Integrated Accounting software brings all of your billing, invoicing, and financial information into a single interface. No double data entry, no uploading spreadsheets, and no more switching between multiple programs to achieve simple accounting tasks. The best part? It’s cloud-based, which means you’re ready to work no matter where work takes you.

The Benefits of Accounting Integration

Tying all your accounting tools to a central source of truth provides several benefits, many of which have an immediate impact on business efficiency. For busy electricians, HVAC professionals, and service-based companies, every minute and every dollar make a difference.

Here are three ways integrated accounting makes life easier.

  1. Eliminate redundant data entry. Double data entry may only take a few minutes per invoice or order form, but over days and weeks, redundant entry robs businesses of valuable hours per week and days per month. Every minute spent on data entry is time that could be invested in more advantageous activities like marketing, networking, or customer service.
  2. Mitigate human error. Repetitive tasks increase the risk of error, and when an extra “0” is the difference between making a profit or making an excuse, businesses can’t afford unnecessary accounting mistakes. Integrated accounting mitigates the risk of human error by reducing the amount of data entered per task. It’s difficult the overstate the prevalence (and cost) of bad data. Human error and related issues cost US businesses more than $3.1 trillion annually, and that’s just the mistakes that were caught.
  3. Enhance financial visibility. Focusing on accounting tasks with a single tool makes it difficult to gain perspective of overall financial health. Certain platforms might be in the green, others in the red, but as long as those tools remain isolated, months may go by before owners coalesce the data and make decisions. This long delay makes it harder to spot worrying trends like shrinking margins or inflated supplier costs. One of the key advantages of an integrated accounting system is real-time reporting, allowing owners to stay ahead of potential cash flow problems.

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Explore Accounting Integrations and More Business Solutions with Successware

Successware is built from the bytes up to support single and multi-location services businesses with cost-effective and accessible solutions. Our customers have seen first-hand how much time and stress integrated accounting systems save small businesses. See what Successware can do for your team. Request a live demo or call (888) 272-8009 today to get started!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I can’t say enough about Successware. I am just totally thrilled!” – Gillian C., multi-franchise owner

“The fact that detailed, departmentalized accounting is integrated into the operations software is a huge plus.” – Jewell B., Administrative Manager

“[Successware] has allowed us to streamline our office tasks and stay on top of job costs.” – Cheryl C., Director of Finance

“Successware helped us grow and grew with our business effortlessly. We started at $2 million [in revenue] in 2003 and now, at [more than] $10 million, Successware is right there with us.” – David K., CFO

“Great integration from tracking service history for our customer[s] to keeping accounts payable and accounts receivable up to date.” – Jill B., Accounting Manager

“Try it, you will love it!” – Judi M., business owner