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How Brand Recall Can Help Grow Your Customer Base

It’s no secret that brand recall is an essential part of recruiting and maintaining a loyal customer base. The easier and quicker a consumer can remember your company name and what you do, the higher the chances are of them calling you when their roof needs patching, or they have a leaky faucet.

Brand recall is the instant recollection of a brand or company’s name by a consumer when asked about a specific product or service. Within brand recall, there are two types: unaided and aided. Unaided brand recall is when a consumer can recall a specific brand or company without aid. For example, if someone asks for recommendations for HVAC business management software, and you say Successware. Unaided brand recall is what all companies strive to achieve for their customer base.

Aided brand recall is when a consumer is given a hint when they recall a brand in a discussion, such as asking a consumer if they are familiar with certain business management solutions and listing a few names, such as Successware. So, you might be asking yourself, why is brand recall so important for my business?

From boosting sales to being competitive with other companies in your marketplace and gaining a loyal customer following, brand recall is one of the main driving forces behind consistent revenue. When your company is the first to come to mind for a consumer, it leads to increased sales. Brand recall is linked to the likelihood of someone purchasing your product or using your services repeatedly and recommending your company (word of mouth advertising) to family and friends when they are asked about a specific product category.

If the buyer is comfortable or familiar with a certain brand, it will give your company an edge over a competing company’s products or services when consumers have a specific need. Brand recall will also build brand equity, or value-driven by a consumer’s perception of a brand name and their products/services, because they will remember that your brand is reliable and produces excellent outcomes.

Now that we have established what brand recall is and why it is so important, let’s focus on how to work towards achieving brand recall for your business. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Create a mission, vision statement, and goals for your company: Once you have these finalized, make sure all your employees are aware and onboard. Having a clear mission, vision, and goals will allow you to develop key messaging, slogans, and campaigns that your consumers will remember and associate with your company.
  • Consistency is key: Being consistent with your messaging, colors, and logo are all ways that consumers will start to become familiar with your brand and associate them with you, leading to a higher recall rate.
  • Differentiate yourself: Consumers are inundated with different brands constantly throughout their day. Finding a way to differentiate yourself in a competitive landscape is a great way to stand out from competitors and help drum up new business, leading to loyal customers.

Following these simple steps is a great way to start working towards strong brand recognition in the marketplace, which will ultimately lead to more business and a loyal customer base.