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Successware Geolocation Now Available!

Successware now has geolocation built right in Successware Mobile and Successware Track! This feature can be turned on or off depending on your company’s needs. With geolocation, your technician’s location is updated in real-time and will be sent to the back office where it will appear on the dispatch map. This will help your back office with dispatching future assignments since they can see who is closest in proximity to the next assignment.

Geolocation will also automatically confirm your technician’s arrival at a job site when they are within range of the service location, eliminating the need for them to check in manually. While they do not have to check-in manually, they have the option to do so. This location information can assist with dispatching future assignments as the technicians’ real-time location is updated to within half a mile on the dispatch map.

If a technician attempts to manually confirm arrival or departure out of range of a service location, they will receive a prompt saying they are out of range and asking if they would like to continue. Your office will also be notified if this occurs so they can confirm the technician's location.

If you have questions about Successware and its new features, please contact us at or call 888-272-8009.