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Track Technicians in Successware with Geolocation

If you have ever run into an issue where you cannot contact your technician due to poor service in a customer's home or are unsure of their location, we have the solution for you.

Geolocation is the ability to identify the geographical location of a person or device through digital information processed through the internet. This is important in the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries because you can monitor your technician's location for dispatching purposes or to communicate any change in appointment times to your customers.

Successware offers a geolocation feature built directly into our field service management mobile applications - Successware Mobile and Successware Track. Successware Mobile is our mobile application for your technicians in the field. Successware Track is a version of Successware Mobile designed for apprentices or helpers who only need part of the full functionality of our app.

Our geolocation services update your technician's user location in real time and are sent to your back office. Once the geolocation data arrives at your back office, it will appear on the dispatch map and is updated to within half a mile of their real-time location.

This will help your back-office dispatching future jobs because they can see what techs are the closest to the next assignment. That information and the estimated job completion time will help your dispatchers figure out who to send to the next assignment.

Our geolocation feature not only helps with dispatching techs but also with timecard management. It will automatically confirm your technician's arrival at a job site when they are within range of the service location, eliminating the need for them to check in manually. While it is not required to check in manually, they can if they would like.

Suppose a technician attempts to manually confirm their arrival or departure out of range of a service location. In that case, they will receive a message saying they are out of range and asking if they want to continue. Your office will also be notified if this occurs so they can confirm the technician's location.

Depending on your company's needs, this feature can be turned on or off.

If you have questions about Successware or Successware Mobile and its features, please request a demo or contact us at or call 888-272-8009.