CSR Scripts

Tips for Writing Customer Service Scripts

Having a bank of customer service scripts on hand will benefit your current employees and any new employee you hire. A customer service script is a document that guides your Customer Service Reps, or CSRs, on what to say to a customer in different scenarios. These can be incredibly beneficial to your CSRs and help increase their efficiency and reduce misinformation being provided to the customers.

Now, where to start when thinking about how to write scripts for your team members.

Basics Information to Include in All Scripts

  • Introduction: You want to ensure you have a good opening line that all your CSRs use so that customers get the same personalized experience when they call in.
    • Example: Good morning – Thank you for calling [XYZ Plumbing]. I'm [CSR Name] and will be helping you today. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with this morning?
  • Reason for the Call: Once you know who you are speaking to and have the customer's information pulled up, you will want to understand why they are calling. Has their HVAC system stopped working? Do they have a leak under their sink? Are they calling to schedule a routine maintenance agreement? Once you know that information, you can book the best available appointment timeslot to get the job done.
  • Upselling: In your scripts, you should include additional products the customer may benefit from based on the product or service they need. During scheduling or at the end of the call, your CSR can also mention products or services that complement the initial service request. If the customer declines the additional products offered, make a note in their account of such and follow up with them at a later date to see if they are interested.
    • Example: I'm glad we could help you get this service scheduled! We also recommend [Product/service] to go along with your service. It helps [Benefit of product] when combined with the product/service you are getting. Is this something you would be interested in?

Personalize Your Scripts to the Customer

Now that you have the basics of what to include in your scripts, you will want to follow a few call center script best practices when writing these for your customer service representatives.

While scripts are a great starting point for what your CSRs should say to customers, you also want to ensure they feel comfortable personalizing the script when talking with a customer. You do not want your customer to feel like they are talking with a robot, which is why personalization is essential.

Your CSRs goal should be to make the customer feel valued and to provide the best possible customer experience so they will return to your business.

One way to do this is to format your scripts in bullets or chunks of information that can be easily read. Doing so will make it easy for your CSR to find the information they are looking for and not make them sound like they are reading word for word from a script.

If you bullet or highlight this key information, your CSR can find it quickly and provide prompt service to your customer. This type of service will provide your customer with a great overall experience and they will start to develop good brand association and recognition with your business.

If a customer asks you a question where you don't know the answer, your should coach your team to feel comfortable putting them on hold while they look up the correct information or solicit advice from another customer service agent.

The main goal of these scripts is to provide your CSRs with the correct information to give your customers and to provide the best possible customer experience.

How Successware Can Help

The new Successware platform features dynamic and intuitive call scripting capabilities. Simply load your CSR scripts into the platform and they will update as your CSR populates the reason your customer has called in. For more information on how this feature works, contact customerservice@successware.com or request a demo today.