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Navigating Challenges for Success: Juggling Software Systems

Do you find yourself paying for multiple different software systems each month? Do you wish you just had one username and password for your systems? Are you finding that your data does not sync correctly or at all throughout your systems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to consider Successware.

Successware is an all-in-one business management solution designed to help you grow and scale your home service business. We eliminate the need to subscribe to multiple software programs, saving you money and time.

Successware offers agreement management, accounting, invoicing, dispatching, and more from the convenience of one platform.

One login. One payment. Less headache.

One Platform for All Your Data

If you have multiple software systems and rely on an API or data sync to move data from one platform to another, you may have noticed that this doesn’t always work as you planned.

One key highlight of Successware is that your operational and job data, and your financial data reside in the same platform.

It makes everything more accessible and more convenient for your business. The fear of your data not being in the software system you need is reduced. You can feel confident knowing your data is accurate and where you need it.

Additional Benefits of An All-In-One Software

Successware has many features all rolled into our field service management platform. These features were created to streamline your business processes, enhance business operations, help your employees make informed decisions, and provide excellent customer service to your clients.

Some of these features include:

  • Agreement Management: This feature is built directly in Successware, streamlining your agreement management efforts and leading to the following benefits of time savings:
    • When on the phone with a current customer, call takers can see if they have an active agreement for which they need to schedule service.
    • Dispatchers can see agreement visits that need to be scheduled and can fill in jobs on the dispatch board.
    • Our accounting functionality lets you defer revenue from agreements to the period the visit occurred, leading to more accurate financial data.
  • Accounting: One of the most significant advantages of Successware is that accounting is integrated directly into our software. This can help your business in many ways such as:
    • Eliminating the need to pay for third-party accounting software.
    • Since all general ledger decisions are made at the time of set up, you do not have to hire an experienced accountant for this task, cutting down on overhead.
  • Reporting: Your operational and job data reside in the same platform as your financial data, which can do wonders for your reporting:
    • You do not have to export data from multiple platforms to create robust reports.
    • If you have multiple businesses that use the new Successware Platform, you can see all data in one report—consolidated financial reporting.
    • Reports in the new Successware Platform are run using Microsoft® Power BI, an industry leading platform that can help your employees save time and increase efficiencies.
  • Successware Mobile: Our mobile app was designed for techs in the field. We offer robust functionality in Successware Mobile that will help:
    • Empower your techs in the field to do more, such as presenting multiple selling options, sending invoices, or identifying opportunities for future work.
    • Create a better customer experience since your techs no longer have to rely on the back office for customer support.

If you are interested in learning more about Successware's business management tools, schedule a demo today.