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Did You Know...? | Agreement Manager

A maintenance agreement, or service agreement, is between your business and customer and lists out a certain number of visits per year that you will go service your customers equipment – whether that be an HVAC tune-up or service on a water heater.

These types of agreements are essential to have because as your busy season slows down, you can use these maintenance visits to fill your dispatch board. Or, before the busy season ramps up, you can service your customers equipment, so it is less likely to break during peak times.

How Successware Makes Managing Agreements a Breeze

Successware makes managing your agreements easy and time efficient. We know how essential agreements are for your business to have a steady revenue stream, so we have put them all into one convenient location in our platform.

Successware allows you to manage your agreements, create marketing lists for renewal reminders, and process bulk invoice from the agreement manager module. This module is one of the most robust managers in our software and houses many different types of information.

You can easily search and filter in the agreement manager based on what you want to see. You can pull up visits due by a particular date range, sort by equipment age, or filter by scheduled or unscheduled agreement visits. We make it easy to get the information you want without the hassle.

The new Successware platform features your customers agreements right in their customer record. When you are on the phone with them, you can easily see if your customer is past-due for a maintenance agreement visit or if they have one coming up and can get that scheduled for your customer.

Easily Create Marketing Lists for Unscheduled Agreements or Renewals

Your team should make it a practice to once a month reach out to customers who have unscheduled maintenance agreements. Your customers will appreciate your proactive approach and you can fill in jobs on your dispatch board, so you always have a steady stream of work.

You can easily pull lists by customers who have unscheduled maintenance agreements in the Agreement Manager module. Or you can print labels and do a direct mail campaign or create an email blast for these visits if you do not have the manpower to call them.

Both are cost-effective ways of marketing to your customers and reminding them they have a service due. They will appreciate the reminder, and it will take your employees next to no time to create.

Generate Invoices for Perpetual Monthly Billings Due with the Touch of a Button

Monthly billings can be a tedious task to complete if not done correctly. Successware makes it easy to pull a list of customers who have perpetual billing agreements and create periodic invoices in bulk.

When you click on "Create Periodic Invoices", Successware will create one invoice for each billing due. The list will include invoices that are already paid, but you can easily filter these out and have only unpaid invoices.

Generating the invoices takes less than 5 minutes for your employees because the actual processing of the agreements runs in the background of Successware and will not interfere with any additional tasks you are completing while the invoices are being generated.

Quickly Identify and Renew Fixed Term Agreements

Fixed-term agreements only last a certain amount of time, such as one-year or 3-year agreements. Fixed agreements have a renewal date where you can reach out to your customer and see if they would like to extend their agreement.

In Successware, you can easily pull a list of customers who have expiring agreements. From here, you can create a renewal document that you can email or mail to your customer. The renewal document contains:

  • Agreement number
  • Agreement type
  • Coverage period
  • Agreement price
  • Renewal slip

When you mail or email out renewal notices, it is a good idea to include a marketing incentive for your customer, so they are enticed to renew and continue doing business with your company. You can include a marketing piece where your customer saves 10% if they renew by the end of the month. Or, you can put in a document that says how much they saved by partaking in the agreement to invite them to continue.

When your customer mails back their renewal agreement or calls in to renew, you can quickly go to the agreement manager, click on the renewal button, and renew right from there. Once you renew an agreement, an invoice is generated automatically, and you can take payment right there on the phone to make the agreement active.

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