Repairman working inside customer's home with iPad.

Navigating Challenges for Success: Mobile App for Technicians

Having trouble keeping track of your technician’s time when they are in the field? Are you lacking the ability for techs to send an invoice right after the job is complete? Do you have a strong backend solution, but not a strong field service application or vice versa?

We get it. It’s hard for software companies to get both their back-end office solution and mobile field app right. Oftentimes one is lacking in features or functionality, which can make your technicians day to day a headache.

Missed job notification, slow to process invoices, and lack of customer history are a thing of the past with Successware Mobile!

Empower Technicians in the Field with Successware Mobile

When you join Successware, you not only have access to a strong office software system, but also our mobile app. Both seamlessly connect and share data back and forth, ensuring your customer information is not lost in the shuffle.

Successware Mobile empowers your technicians to complete tasks that once strictly had to be done in the office. Things like collecting payment, inputting customer opportunities or equipment, and invoicing can be done right from your techs phone or device.

Giving your techs access to these types of things will ultimately lead to a better customer experience. Your customers won’t have to call into the office with their payment information or wait days for an invoice to be mailed.

Additional Benefits of Successware Mobile

Successware Mobile lets your techs complete many tasks in the field. Here are some of the tasks that can be most beneficial to your business:

  • Payment Collection: One of the most important topics! Through the help of Successware Payments, your techs can collect payment right on the jobsite, reducing the need for follow up from your office. Learn more here.
  • Digital Forms: Say goodbye to paper forms and hello to a more efficient way to collect customer data or information about the job. Successware Mobile lets you create custom digital forms that techs can access right from the app. Learn more here.
  • Time Tracking: Both Successware Mobile and Successware Track let your techs track their hours worked, eliminating the need for them to fill out a paper timecard and bring it into the office. Your back-office staff will be happy with this one too! Learn more here.
  • Invoicing: Successware Invoice lets your techs send digital invoices immediately to your customers when a job is complete. No more waiting for the back office to email or mail an invoice, your customer can get it right away. Learn more here.

For more information on how Successware and Successware Mobile work in sync to give your techs more access to functionality that will provide a better customer experience, reach out to our team.