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Successware Mobile 2.0 – Customized Forms

Feature Focus #2: Customized Forms

​If you are still using cumbersome and costly paper forms, you know it can take days or even weeks before you have access to important information from a technician’s visit (such as what equipment a homeowner should consider replacing). With our Customized Forms feature, you have access to the digital information as soon as the appointment is over – and there is no need to manually enter the information into Successware. This eliminates a lot of extra time and effort while allowing for more efficient follow-up on potential sales opportunities. Better yet, digital forms don’t get misplaced, torn, or otherwise damaged like paper forms…and they’re always legible. Plus, they are better for the environment!

Our design tool has a robust selection of input types, so you have the freedom to build any style or manner of form you need, including:

  • Membership Forms
  • Inspection Reports
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Disclosures
  • Service Agreements
  • Customer Surveys
  • Standard Safety Forms
  • Checklists

Once your forms are created, technicians can easily retrieve and complete them at any time, including while on a job. That’s because your custom forms are directly accessible through the technician’s workflow without ever leaving the application. Other advantages include:

  • Lookup past forms for a specific customer or job
  • Add pictures to the form
  • Record the customer’s signature on the form
  • Generate a PDF file of the completed form and email it to the customer

If you’d like to see Successware Mobile and the Customized Forms feature in action, use the button below to request a live demonstration. If you have questions or want more information, call us at 888-272-8009.

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