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Effective Targeted Marketing Tactics for Service Brands

Targeted Marketing with Your Customer Database

Small business owners can't afford to leave money on the table. Successware's customer database and marketing tools enable customer data-driven marketing to improve efficiency and make the phone ring. Use customer-based reports, filtered data fields, and technician input to craft customer data-driven marketing campaigns that deliver more work with less wasted effort – and money.

What Is Targeted Marketing?

Targeted marketing aims to raise brand, product, or service awareness amongst a specific audience, usually a relatively small share of the total addressable market. The main advantage of target marketing strategies is efficiency; speaking to a small, well-defined audience makes it easier to deliver personalized messaging and value propositions that improve conversion rates and marketing efficiency.

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There are two primary ways to target your audience; targeted marketing is based on these pillars, but there are endless ways to leverage more granular data as well.

Location-based Targeting

For a home service business, location is everything. Even within a defined service area, travel time and expenses chew into profit margins, making periphery work less attractive than a similar job down the block. Successware's Marketing List Management Reports make it easy to build location-based audiences to serve emails, direct mail, and promotions to customers based on their proximity to your office. You can also vary promotions based on locations, such as sending discount offers on only high-margin services to more distant customers to preserve margins.

Location-based Ad Targeting

Data from those same lists can also support more cost-effective paid campaigns. Small businesses rely on local advertising to specific audiences based on their precise location. This is a critical part of paid advertising to reduce wasting budget on users well outside your service area.

Behavior-based Targeting

For home service owners, behavioral targeting includes service history and technician interactions over time. Behavioral marketing is also based on interests and intentions, which makes the customer history features built into Successware incredibly valuable.

Technicians should take detailed notes about the following:

  • The age of the home's equipment
  • The repair history
  • Customer interest in upgrades or additional services

That final point is a crucial one. Encourage your team to detail the customer's questions about repairs, improving efficiency, or rebates for new products. Successware customers can document these notes in our Opportunity Manager and use these notes to serve relevant ads to prospects who are ready to learn more!

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Reach Your Target Audience Across Marketing Channels

Targeted marketing ensures relevancy but doesn't discount another advertising pillar: repetition. It takes 5-7 ad impressions for a customer to retain the brand's message, which makes a multichannel approach essential. Successware's Marketing List Management Reports allow you to export customer information to use for several impactful mediums, including:

  • Form letters
  • Phone lists
  • Email lists and content

This information creates tailored campaigns, resulting in higher closing rates and increased profits. You can use this information to share exclusive offers and advanced pre-season maintenance opportunities with maintenance plan members via email or postcards.

More Ways to Leverage Your Customer Database

Customer data is more than just a collection of facts and figures. Images and documents are also incredibly valuable. Successware's document and image capture functions allow technicians to store job photos and customer documents in folders linked to specific locations. What better way to track the condition of equipment in a home? These assets help technicians anticipate questions and walk into a job knowing what to expect and what to recommend to homeowners before they even knock on the door.

The Successware platform also makes engaging with your customers easy. Successware integrates with top reputation management solutions to keep you engaged with your customers by allowing them to provide valuable feedback about your company and team. This input can be used to measure technician performance, improve customer service, and generate more service leads.

Reach Your Target Audience with Successware

Small business owners need to protect their time and their bottom line. Safeguard both with location-based and user behavior targeting powered by Successware. Discover more ways our software can help your business grow. Let's get started; request a live demo or call (888) 272-8009 today.