How Successware Helps Plumbers During Busy Season

The holidays are fast approaching, which means your plumbing business will start to see an increase in emergency calls due to large gatherings of family and friends in homes. Clogs and other plumbing emergencies happen during this time because more people are in your house than usual and food and other items go down the drain that should not.

This is why it is crucial to have a plumbing service software, like Successware, to help you respond to customer calls and provide the best service possible for your customers. You should make sure you go into the busy season as prepared as possible so you can book the highest number of calls to increase your revenue.

Easily Find the Next Available Appointment

When your busy season arrives, you need a system to help you easily field all those customer calls and make booking jobs a breeze. Our time slot capacity management feature is just what you need to add some automation to find the next available appointment time when customers call your business.

When setting up our time slot capacity management feature, you can enter the number of appointments by job type that you have available at any given hour. When your customer service reps are on the phone with customers, they can quickly see where you have available appointment time slots and which are booked, making scheduling a breeze.

This feature allows you to help maximize your daily job bookings, reduce any overbookings, and find the first available appointment time slot with our real-time display of open slots. Your customers will also appreciate this because you can get them booked quickly without much wait time on their end.

Assign the Most Qualified Plumber to the Job

Once your jobs are booked and assigned to the proper day and time, your dispatcher can assign them to a qualified technician. Our board is drag and drop and makes it, so you always send a technician with the proper skills to each assignment, making your job completion rate higher and decreasing your call-back rate.

Our dispatch assistant will show you travel time between jobs, so if you dispatch day of, you will know the most qualified and closest person to send. This will help your business save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs because you aren’t sending plumbers from one end of town to the next.

Reduce the Need for Double Entry of Information into an Accounting Software

The last thing you want your employees to worry about during the busy season is the duplicative entry of information into two different software programs – your plumbing service management software and accounting software. With Successware, your service and operational financials reside in our platform, so you can save time when completing accounting tasks.

All the job and payment information will effortlessly flow from our mobile field app, Successware Mobile, to our back-office platform. Your employees no longer have to sync or manually enter these details into outside accounting software.

Mobile App for Plumbing Dispatch

Successware Mobile is another great tool for plumbing companies to use for their field technicians. Our mobile app is user friendly, and your plumbers will be able to get all job details and customer information at the touch of a button, keeping them organized and on track.

Successware Mobile provides your plumbers with all the job detail information, customer history and record, and so much more. You can collect payment, invoice, offer consumer financing, and share invoices digitally from our app, eliminating the need for your customers to contact your back-office or vice versa.

Your plumbers can also present homeowners with good, better, best options for repair or replacement jobs, empowering your homeowners to make the right choice for their family.

Successware will help your plumbing business run smoothly and efficiently during your busy season. For more helpful tips on getting the most out of Successware, view our Did You Know library of blogs that gives you an in-dept look into our modules and how they can help your business succeed and grow.