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Did You Know that the new Successware® platform offers a robust, analytics-driven reporting dashboard called Successware Insights™? Our extensive dashboard offers both high-level overviews into the health of your business and the ability to drill down into key performance indicators, or KPIs, for additional information and insight.

View Top-Down Financials in Easy-to-Read Dashboard

One of the reports we are most excited about in our new platform is our Operational Excellence Report. This report provides your ownership and management with a view of your financials from the top down. You will see a high-level overview of how your business is performing in total revenue, gross margin, cost of goods sold, and your EBITDA.

Below the top financials will be two interactive charts detailing out your revenue mix and your cost of goods sold. You will be able to see key information about segments of your revenue and cost, how much each is, and the percentage it makes up of your total revenue or cost.

These charts are completely interactive so if you want to see how your revenue or cost mix changes if you remove a segment, you can easily do so. For example, if you want to see what happens to your cost if you remove newspaper advertising, you will simply uncheck the newspaper and your ratios will be adjusted. Or, if you know you won’t be doing any finance company buy-downs next year, you can remove that giving you an idea of what your cost ratio will look like in the future.

The great thing about all these data and charts is that they can easily be shared with people in your company or outside your company. You can either send someone a URL, email the report, or download it as an image if you need to put it in a presentation.

With all our reports, you will also be able to see the data and information in a tabular form underneath the powerful visual tools and charts. You are able to export the tabular data into a CSV file so you can manipulate it any way you need.

Gain Awareness of Your Job History and Company Operations

Our Scorecard reports bring your data down an additional layer. The scorecard reports give you a great overview of how the operations of your company are doing. We have multiple scorecard reports on information like jobs, callbacks, opportunities, hours, hours worked, and invoices.

In the scorecard reports, you will be able to compare the current period versus the last period. For example, you can compare year over year data to see how well your company has improved. The period reports show top-line numbers for the operational metric you are viewing.

Underneath of the period reports, you will see an interactive chart featuring the data in the periodic reports. These charts will show you the current year versus the previous year so you can have a nice visual to see how well your company is performing.

These interactive charts are also completely customizable. You are able to remove any category you don’t want to see in the chart and leave only the categories you do wish to view. For example, for the job scorecard, you may want to look at jobs completed this year and last year over no charge jobs completed this year and last year. This chart will then show you how these metrics compare for your company and give you the ability to see potential trends.

In addition to the period over period report and chart, we also give you the ability to further drill down to see charts broken out by technician, department, and job class. These reports will help you identify if there are any potential issues with how your technicians or departments are performing and give you the ability to determine where you can offer additional training.

Monitor How Well Your Technicians are Performing

Another great report in Successware Insights is our technician productivity report. In this report, you can see things like how your average labor costs are performing over the course of the year, the average dollar amount of labor sales per hour, and your employee labor cost by hour.

We also have another great chart where you can see labor sales by the technician. This report is broken out by departments and your labor sale, with your technicians broken out by each by color. If you want to only look at certain technicians, you can customize the chart to do so. By hovering over the chart, you are able to see the dollar amount per technician per department as well.

In addition to these reports, you can also see data further broken down into labor sales, total sales, employee hours, and total hours in the following categories:

  • Department & Technician Summary
  • Job Type & Job Number Summary
  • Technician & Department Summary

See All Your Successware Run Businesses in One Handy Report

Another great benefit of our new reporting capabilities is the ability to see multi-company summaries if you own two or more businesses that both use Successware in our consolidated data report. This is able to be done since the new Successware platform is hosted in the cloud, yet another benefit of cloud-hosting.

Our consolidated analytics will show you a snapshot of how all of your Successware-run businesses are doing showing revenue, cost of goods sold, gross margin, and EBIDTA. You have the option to just view these high-level metrics or to drill down into other KPIs as well.

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