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Did You Know...? | Quote Manager

Our Successware quote manager is the perfect solution for finding and accessing quotes within the software. Whether you’re a Sales Representative or a Sales Manager, we provide this functionality to help you find the quotes you need, when you need them. Quotes may be accessed with a job or quote number, and information related to your quotes may be viewed or printed as needed.

Access Quotes and Make Edits, On-Demand

We’ve eliminated the need to scan through large lists of job information and designed this manager to help you find your pertinent deals. It’s an efficient way to access important business information.

In addition to tracking quotes, every field/parameter for your quote and its related job may be accessed or modified from within the quote manager. Rather than sifting through huge lists of jobs, the quote manager is the ideal tool for sales representatives who are contact customers from the office.

The quote manager is also an efficient way to track potential deal expiration dates and other notes. In the interest of helping save time, we’ve linked the job summary page to the quote manager. Through this link, you may access your job summary and mark a deal as sold, or as a lost deal. If the deal is marked lost, the deal may be funneled into an opportunity bucket where reps can reach out at a predetermined, or user-selected, date for follow-ups.

We kept our users in mind and modeled the quote manager after the other managers within Successware. If you’re already familiar with the others, the quote manager has a similar interface and navigation structure, so you can set and complete tasks as needed without the fuss of learning a new interface or system.

Your New Best Friend for Quote Management

If you’re a Sales Manager, you may use the quote manager to track down specific quote information for your reps. Should one of them take the day off and a customer calls in, the quote manager is your go-to resource for accessing that specific quote.

As a Sales Manager, you may lock and unlock quotes for both your deals and each member of your team. Rest assured that no toes will be stepped on, as your individual reps each have their own access to their deals and can’t modify quotes from other reps. This is offered at your discretion, and you can provide access as needed!

Use the Quote Manager to access deal information quickly. Whether you’re a Sales Rep or a Sales Manager who needs to track a quote down or make edits, the Quote Manager is the perfect way to access this information.

Now that you’ve found another best practice to track down those quotes, let’s get out there and close some deals!

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