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Planning for the Busy Season

Helpful Tips for HVAC Installers Planning for the Busy Season

Summer is nearly here, and as the temperatures start to rise, you can expect your HVAC calls to increase too! But don't let the summer season be a cause for stress – with a bit of preparation and planning, this summer will be smooth sailing. Here are three tips to help get you ready for the busy HVAC season.

Reach Out to Customers with Older Equipment

After a year or two of maintenance calls, your HVAC employees probably aren't too shocked to hear which customers call in a summer or two later with news that their AC unit has broken down. Even a great HVAC system can't last forever.

If you notice that you get quite a few panic calls from very hot customers with old, broken-down HVAC systems— it might be time to get ahead of the issue! Before summer begins, call your customers that own old equipment and remind them that their HVAC system is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Scheduling in customers to replace their HVAC system now, rather than when you are fully booked halfway through the summer, will save everyone stress.

Remind Your Customers to Service Their Equipment Now

Take advantage of our marketing reporting lists in Successware® to remind customers with older equipment to get it serviced before the hot summer months. Our reporting module lets you pull reports of customers who have equipment over a certain age. You can use that list to send direct mail pieces reminding them to service their equipment, along with a coupon to entice them to book an appointment.

Our agreement manager module lets you pull these types of reports also to show what customers are due a service. By scheduling agreement visits in the off-season, you are saving customers the hassle of long wait times due to demand calls or helping to eliminate the risk of their equipment breaking during the dog days of summer.

Technician HelpMake Sure Your Equipment is Running Efficiently

It's not just about making sure your customer's equipment is ready for summer— your equipment needs to be ready too! Start scheduling your maintenance service visits for employee trucks, equipment, and tools now. The last thing you want is for HVAC installers to be short supplies and equipment during the busy season because equipment wasn't serviced earlier in the year. Preventative fleet maintenance can save your business time and money.

Take Advantage of the Successware Inventory Manager Module

It's not just breakdowns that can cause your business to face short supplies. A lack of good inventory management can mean your installers run out of the supplies they need before you even know that they need to be reordered, causing job delays.

Our Successware business management software includes an Inventory Manager module to help you keep your warehouses and trucks stocked through the busy season. This HVAC service software allows you to add your current inventory and important notes about it, like where it is located in the warehouse or specific truck. From there, you can add minimum amounts (your restock point) and maximum amounts (for example, maybe only six items can fit in a bin).

And better yet, once you have your inventory manager set up, it can easily be linked with other modules so you can track inventory from the quote stage of a project all the way through completion. Creating a receipt is a breeze because all the information is already there.

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