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Successware Mobile 2.0 - Multiple Selling Options

Feature Focus #3 – Presenting Multiple Selling Options

Now that you are familiar with our Integrated Financing and Customized Forms features of Successware Mobile 2.0, lets dive into the third new feature, Presenting Multiple Selling Options.

This powerful new feature allows technicians to increase their average ticket size by presenting homeowners with different repair options for the job at hand. Think of it as a Good, Better, Best approach, where “Good” may be a basic replacement with a standard warranty, “Better” would be the same replacement with an upgraded warranty, and “Best” would be a premium replacement with an extended service warranty.

Tablet screen displaying Best, Better, and Good options

This tiered approach empowers the homeowner to select the option that is best suited for their needs. If the homeowner is not ready to make a decision just yet, simply email them a PDF copy of the options created so they can review and decide when they are ready.

Technicians can easily create different options digitally right from their Pricebook while on the job site, rather than relying on paper or verbal estimates. They can search through a list of items, tasks, parts, and labor to add to each option. Once all options are created, the technician can present the tiers to the homeowner.

The homeowner can then accept or decline right from the technician’s tablet. If the homeowner declines an option or decides to “do the work later”, the suggested repair option will be saved under Work Suggested Notes for easy follow-up and a PDF of the options is created that can be shared with the customer via email.

If you’d like to see Successware Mobile and the Presenting Multiple Selling Options feature in action, use the button below to request a live demonstration. If you have questions, or want more information, call us at 888-272-8009.

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