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Mobile 2.0 - New Features

Feature Focus #5 – Invoice Search, Option Notes & Pictures, Scoreboard Accessibility, & Recurring Payments

At Successware, we continually update our Successware Mobile app with new features designed to assist home service companies with their business management needs. Our latest Successware Mobile release has some exciting new features to make your technician’s daily responsibilities more effortless and efficient.

  • Customer Invoice Search: Our new release now gives your technicians the ability to search customer invoice history directly from the app. Technicians can do so in two ways – searching by date or searching by job number. If they would like to search by date, they can choose their desired date range and all invoices for that customer within that date range will appear. If the technician or customer has the job number handy, the technician can search by that to pull up an old invoice.
  • Add Notes and Pictures to Selling Options: Your technicians can now add more detailed notes and pictures when they present multiple selling options to their customers. The option notes allow you to fill out more information about the option for the customer to review. Technicians can also upload pictures or take a new photo from their camera. When you are ready to present the options to your customer, the option notes and picture will display. If you email the options PDF to the customer, the notes and pictures will appear there as well.
  • Enable or Disable Scoreboard: As an admin, you have the option to turn on or off the scoreboard your technicians see in Successware Mobile. The Scoreboard displays your revenue for the day and week and your ticket average for the current month. There is also a revenue by month graph that displays your progress for the year.
  • Agreement/Recurring Payments: Your technicians can now easily collect payment for agreements right from the Mobile app! In the same workflow as when your technicians get authorization and payment for a job invoice, they can now also take recurring payment for agreements. The technician or your customer will no longer have to worry about calling in this payment information to the back office. This will save both your technicians and back-office staff, as well as your customers, time and eliminate extra work. Technicians can accept credit card payments, checks, and more.

These new features will help save your technicians time and stress while on a job site. Successware Mobile offers many additional features to assist your technicians in the field. Find out more about our Mobile features by reading the rest of our Feature Focus blogs here.

If you’d like to see Successware Mobile and the new features in action, use the button below to request a live demonstration. If you have any questions, or want more information, call us at 888-272-8009.

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