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Talk to your Customers About Top DIY Mistakes to Avoid

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With the rise in popularity of home improvement shows, and the pandemic forcing us inside for over a year, contractors are seeing an increase in DIY failures that they must come in and fix. Ally Lending has compiled a list of the top DIY mistakes that homeowners make.

Use this list to market to your customers by showing them how your business can help them fix any DIY projects gone bad. Or, share the list in hopes they realize they should leave the job to the professionals. In your marketing efforts, you can let them know that you are the expert, and while certain things are fine to DIY, others are not and can lead to serious issues and pricey repairs down the road.

Here is a list of some examples of the most common DIY mistakes homeowners make:

  • Plumbing: It may seem easy to disconnect a pipe here or there to fix a clog, but homeowners are running into issues when they go to reconnect the pipes. It is a more complex process and must be done just right; otherwise, it can lead to widespread water damage.
  • HVAC: Homeowners may feel as though they can replace an air filter themselves or that their system doesn’t need maintenance because it has been running fine. Ignoring your HVAC system can lead to major issues. It is important to let your customers know they should be regularly servicing their HVAC systems to catch any minor issue before it turns major. Preventative maintenance and service agreements can help your customers save money in the long run.
  • Roofing: Some DIYers try their hand at replacing a few shingles that may have come loose or fallen off their roof. Often, the shingles aren’t placed correctly to provide a weather and waterproof barrier. This can lead to leaks and costly repairs for the homeowner.
  • Electrical: Installing a light fixture or replacing a light switch can seem like an easy task for DIYers, but this can lead to loose wires, which is a safety hazard. Loose wires can cause systems to short or you to get electrocuted. When it comes to electrical work, it should always be left to the professionals to avoid any costly or safety mistakes.

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