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One of the most important ways companies generate more revenue and grow their customer base is through marketing. Having a marketing plan is essential for a good business strategy. In order to get customers to call your business when they have a need, they need to know you exist. So, it is important to get your name out there and increase your brand recall and recognition.

Once customers reach out to you, you can save their information as a quality lead. Successware has some great features that will help you better market to these leads, as well as to current customers. Another great source of marketing lists and leads are the ones in your Opportunity Manager.

Successware lets you pull targeted marketing lists, build and track campaigns, and see how many leads are being generated from your marketing channels and efforts. Having all this information in one place lets you analyze where your most significant return on investment (ROI) in marketing is coming from.

Generate Targeted Marketing Lists to Increase Marketing Efficiency

Successware’s reporting function allows you to run detailed reports for any customer segment you wish to capture and direct your marketing efforts towards. For example, you can run reports to get customer information by service location, equipment type or age, customers with agreements, previous jobs, lapsed customers, and more.

Our reporting and list creation function makes it easy to filter out contacts you do not wish to market to. For example, you can easily filter out customers who do not want to be solicited to or have opted out of communication. If you are doing a direct mail campaign, you can choose to only send to the billing accounts to avoid contacting renters who typically aren’t responsible for the cost of repairs.

When you have run your report, use these targeted mailing lists to call customers or send direct mail pieces. Or use their email addresses to create email campaigns.

Track Which Ads and Campaigns you Send to Customers

With Successware, you can track what marketing pieces you send to each customer. So, for example, if a customer calls in and says they received a coupon, but they forget what it was for, you can simply pull up their customer record and look at what marketing lists they were included in.

Tracking this data is essential because call takers can easily see what lists each customer was on, the date it was sent, and the promotion or deal associated with the list. This is very helpful for your front-line staff and ensures all employees are on the same page regarding what deals to offer each customer.

Analyze and Monitor Lead Source for Optimal Marketing

Part of your business's marketing strategy should be to analyze its marketing efforts periodically to see which marketing channel is giving you the most return on your investment. Successware can help you do just that!

When a call comes in, you should have a system in place to identify how the customer heard about your business, or the lead source. You should then be marking it down in the customer record/job. Some examples of common marketing leads would be an ad on a truck, customer referral, newspaper ad, equipment sticker, direct mail or coupon, radio spot, and more.

Some companies will purchase different telephone numbers for the different ads they distribute. If you do that, you can input each number into Successware and mark what campaign or ad it corresponds to through our lead management system.

Coming Soon: Companies often times will purchase different phone numbers for different marketing campaigns to determine how customers heard about their business. Successware will soon have the ability for you to input these phone numbers into Successware and identify what marketing campaign they are associated with. When a customer calls in, Successware will be able to identify the phone number the customer dialed and will automatically track the lead source on their customer record. Your call takers won’t have to ask “How did you hear about us” anymore!

Create Marketing Campaign Profiles to See ROI

When you are getting ready to kick off a new marketing campaign, you can create a Campaign Profile in Successware. These profiles capture the date of the initiative, campaign or promotion details, lead source information, target number of jobs you wish to get from the campaign, and your revenue and closing rate goals.

You can also link each campaign back to your general ledger to determine the spend and return on each campaign. You can track your expenses and calculate your anticipated ROI from the campaign before it even begins and check its success over time!

In addition, you can pull reports that will give you detailed information on the campaign, such as number of jobs you have obtained from it, revenue, and closing rate.

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