Business Management

Why Your HVAC Company Needs a Business Management Software

Do you own your own HVAC company? Have you wondered how you can increase your efficiencies and streamline your processes? Have you often wondered, ‘what software is best for HVAC?’

Look no further than Successware – an all-in-one HVAC service software and business management platform designed to help you manage and grow your business. Having a business management software system for your business will ensure you keep things running smoothly and efficiently and allow you to grow your business rapidly.

You may be wondering why you even need HVAC field service software in the first place. We will break down the top five reasons why business management software is vital to the success of your HVAC company.

  • Increase Efficiencies: With a digital business management solution, you can drastically increase the speed at which your employees’ complete tasks. A business management solution houses all your data in one place, which makes it easy to find information and share it between teams. Your employees will no longer have to track down information or send paper records from desk to desk to complete and finalize a job or task. All that and more can be done directly in the software, increasing your task completion rate.
  • Streamline Processes: Successware and business management systems can help you streamline your processes and simplify project and tasks steps. A software system offers some automation to your processes that paper just cannot. One example is the lifecycle of financial information within a job. Since Successware and Successware Mobile are one system, information is shared between the two making it easy for job information and cost to travel from our mobile app when a job is complete and a customer makes a payment, to Successware Office for your accounting team to reconcile the invoice and close out the job.
  • Grow Your Customer Base: One other great advantage to business management software is it acts as a Customer Relationship Manager or CRM system. All your customer information and job history are stored in one platform, making it easy to segment your customers and pull specific marketing lists for campaigns. You can create campaigns for current and prospective customers and offer each group a different incentive to book a job with your company.
  • Increase Top-Line Revenue: With HVAC business management software, you can increase your top-line revenue by upselling to current customers. Successware offers the ability for your technicians in the field to add potential job opportunities to each customer record. Your technicians are your front lines for identifying possible repair or replacement opportunities with your current customers.

Once they identify an issue, they can enter it into the customer record via Successware Mobile, which will then go to our back-office platform. Your sales team can follow up on the leads and get some additional jobs booked because of the opportunities. If the homeowner is not quite ready to book a job yet, you can keep that information on file and follow-up with them at predetermined intervals and you can add them to your marketing lists for promotions and coupons to help entice them to book the job.

  • Decrease Expenses: You will no longer have to pay for multiple software packages when you run your business with a service software like Successware. Instead of juggling and paying for various software systems that help you with accounting, invoicing, reporting, service agreements, and more, you will have one payment and platform to run all these functions.

Successware can help your business accomplish all these things and more! We offer many built-in features in our platform to help you increase efficiencies, streamline processes, and grow your customer base:

  • Dispatch Board: Jobs quickly move from our call handling module to the dispatch board, where your dispatcher can drag and drop the job to a qualified technician, ensuring the tech has the proper skill set for the job.
  • Agreement Manager: You can store and manage your agreements within Successware. Our Agreement Manager lets you easily see when services are due or when an agreement is expiring so you can reach out to the customer with proper follow-up. Since Successware was specifically built for the trade industries, you can easily defer revenue to the period the agreement visit was complete for accounting purposes.
  • Successware Insights: The new Successware is 100% cloud based and makes it easy for you to view your business data at the touch of a button. You will have access to key business metrics and analytics that will help you analyze the health of your business.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: To help you accomplish all of the above and get the most out of Successware, we provide each account with a dedicated account manager. This account manager will be there for you every step of the way and will provide you with the best possible guidance when you have an issue or question.

Once you have an HVAC business management system in place, you will start to see the benefits for yourself. Don't delay - sign up for more information from Successware today.