Platform Update

The Latest Successware Enhancements for Optimal Productivity

Time is a valuable resource, and Successware is committed to empowering you with tools that save you time and make your tasks more seamless and effective. We want you to be able to accomplish more in less time and hit all your goals with ease. 

The latest enhancements to the new Successware Platform were created with this in mind and to help you grow your business. We carefully designed each feature to streamline processes, reduce manual effort, and ultimately enhance your overall workflow so your HVAC company or electrical / plumbing business can run at peak performance. 

Keep the Revenue Flowing with Bulk Renewal for Agreements 

We know how important service agreements and maintenance agreements are to your business. They can help guarantee a consistent revenue stream, especially during the off-season. Having an HVAC software system (or electrical/plumbing) that can effectively manage these service contracts and agreements is essential. 

When you have customer agreements up for renewal, you want a simple process to manage. Successware has now made it even easier to bulk renew your customer agreements, ensuring no agreement gets left behind. 

Access Key Information Directly on the Dispatch Board 

Retrieving information for each job is now easier than ever on Successware’s dispatch board. If you need to view job details, add assignments, cancel a job, and more, you can now do so by clicking directly on the job on the dispatch board. This will save your dispatchers time because they will not have to toggle back and forth between the job screen and the dispatch board; everything will be in one place. 

The sorting and filtering of information on the dispatch board has now gotten easier. You can quickly sort through unscheduled or unassigned jobs to get them on your board immediately. 

Now you can also filter jobs by more than one technician. This will come in handy if you are looking to reschedule a job. You can see who is available so you can easily transfer the job. 

With Successware’s Connection, you can also call the homeowner directly from the dispatch board without the need to navigate to their customer record. Customer contact information, like their phone numbers, is now hyperlinked on the board, making this possible. 

Easily Send Job Information to Your Technicians from the Dispatch Board 

Getting the right information to your employee promptly can help set them up for a day of success. We now make it easy to communicate this type of information with the click of a button that delivers an email directly to your technicians. 

You can send this type of communication directly from the dispatch board! You can send each tech a list of all their jobs for the day, or you can send a communication by specific job to the tech assigned to it. 

Implementing a process where you send out each tech their job assignments in the morning will give them a good overview of their day. They will be fully prepared before entering their first customer’s home! 

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