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Did You Know | Payments in Successware

Did you know Successware offers an in-house payments solution designed to get you paid faster and empower your customers to pay you from anywhere? Did you know this tool also lets you reconcile your invoices quicker, offer consumer financing, conduct your accounting, and see financial and operational reports in one convenient dashboard?

Successware Payments is our in-house payments processing solution specifically designed to improve your business's efficiency and save you time and money while empowering your customers to pay you in many convenient ways.

Effortlessly Collect Payment from Customers - Anywhere

Successware Payments allows you to easily collect payments from your customers, whether in our mobile application, back-office platform, or via an online payment portal. Our payment system accepts all major debit, credit, secure chip cards, mobile, and ACH payment methods.

Here is a little bit more about how this is done:

  • Successware Mobile: Using our mobile app, you can collect payment from your customers directly on a job site. We make it easy for your technicians to collect and enter the customer's payment information and close the current job before leaving the job site. No more calling the back-office with the customer's payment method, as this can now be done on-site.
  • Successware Platform: Your customers can call your office to make a payment over the phone or send in a check or cash. Your employees can enter the credit card, check, or cash information into our platform and close out the invoice.
  • Successware Invoice: Our online payment tool is perfect for contactless digital payments. In just a few clicks, you can send your customers a digital invoice via email or text with a link to make their payment online.

Technicians are now also able to text a link to their customers so they can pay their invoices online. This is another way we are making it easier for both your techs and homeowners. These three methods tie directly back into Successware Office and our integrated accounting module.

Help Customers Say YES to High Dollar Projects

How often has a customer turned down a repair because of cost? We understand that many necessary repairs or replacements, like a new HVAC system or hot water heater, can be quite costly for homeowners. We are here to help make it easier for your customers to say YES to these larger projects by offering consumer financing directly in Successware Mobile.

We make it easy for your customers to get approved for financing on the spot. We have partnered with Ally Bank to bring you and your homeowners the most competitive rates, making it easier for them to say yes to the job.

When your customers say yes to projects they may once have thought twice about, you benefit from an increase in revenue. Financing also helps you increase your average ticket size because homeowners will be more willing to add on some extras to the job since it will all get lumped into their monthly payments.

Simplified Billing and Digital Invoicing with Successware Invoice

Successware Invoice is our convenient and more efficient way to invoice your customers. You can quickly email your customers a link and a digital invoice for contactless payments. Your customer will click the link and can input their credit card information immediately.

Your customers will appreciate the ease of this payment method and the increased security that goes along with it.

One Connected System that Does it All

All payment transactions are fully integrated and seamlessly flow from Successware Mobile to our back-office platform, Successware Office. Since accounting capabilities are built directly in Successware, it reduces the need for manual, double entry of information from your service software to your accounting software. In turn, this will help to eliminate costly data entry errors.

Since all payments are made in Successware, the need for manual invoice reconciliation of credit card payments for invoices is reduced. Our platform will automatically reconcile and complete this step for you.

A fully integrated system with your service operational data and financials allows you to access in-depth reporting from one central dashboard, Successware Insights. This dashboard gives you access to high-level analytics and more granular data to help you with data-driven decision-making. You will better understand your business's health and can quickly analyze information and trends.

Benefits of Our Integrated Payment Tools

By using our integrated, in-house payments processor, your company will have access to the following additional benefits:

  • Secure, integrated payment processing capabilities
  • Ability to accept credit, debit, ACH card payments, and mobile payments
  • Ability to offer secure card storage capabilities
  • Reduction of declines with automatic updates of lost or stolen cards
  • Protection for customers from fraud with tokenization technology

For more information on getting started with Successware Payments, contact one of our dedicated Payments Specialists at today.

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