Benefits of Online and On-Demand Learning

One of the many perks of being a Successware customer is access to our Learning Management System or LMS. Our LMS consists of practical, on-demand training courses that help our customers learn our platform and mobile application at their own pace.

Our courses were designed to help our customers with their employee training so they can learn and better understand our platform, all while deepening their knowledge of Successware Classic, the new Successware Platform, and Successware Mobile.

These courses were designed to help you train new employees or for existing employees who need a refresher on our software.

Benefits of On-Demand Learning

You and your employees can reap countless benefits from online, on-demand learning. Here are just a few:

  • Flexible: You no longer have to plan your day around a particular course. Now, you can take these courses on your own time and at your own pace.
  • Cost-Effective: Online learning is typically cheaper than other types of learning because you do not have to commute and can take the course anytime.
  • More Customized Learning Experience: You can select the right course for your skillset with on-demand courses. With in-person training, instructors may tailor the class to people who know little about a particular topic. With on-demand learning, you can select the class that best fits your needs so you aren't wasting your time learning material you already know.
  • Unlimited Access to Courses: Typically, you can rewatch on-demand and online courses as needed. If you realize later that you didn't quite understand something, you can go back and relisten to ensure you are getting the most out of the course.

How Successware Can Help

We offer every one of our customers access to our LMS for all their employees. Our LMS offers courses on Successware Classic, the new Successware Platform, and Successware Mobile that can be taken on a computer or your mobile device.

Each course was created by one of our in-house training team members and range from short, 5-minute courses to longer, 30-minute courses. Some of the training content we have available are:

  • Successware 101
  • Successware Mobile 101
  • Accounts Payable
  • Time Slot Capacity Management
  • Credit Card Collection
  • Financing
  • And much, much more

We are constantly adding new courses to our library. These courses will help your business when onboarding new employees and further educate your employees using our platform. Our LMS is another one of the many benefits of being a Successware customer.

Each course incorporates learning content with audio elements, videos, and visual components through PDFs and text to help every type of learner. At the end of each course, there is a Knowledge Check to ensure the person taking the course has picked up the key concepts from each module.

In addition to our LMS software, we offer our customers a comprehensive training program with webinars and a robust knowledge center.

If you are a current Successware customer and do not have access to our Learning Management System, please email training@successware.com for your FREE account. To learn more about Successware, call 888-272-8009 or contact us today.