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Successware Connection – A Seamless Communications Experience

Increase Your CSRs Productivity and Job Schedule Rates with Successware Connection

Successware Connection™ is our call-taking software fully integrated into the Successware® platform and will automatically connect you to your customer's account record in real-time. You can answer inbound calls, make outbound calls, and exchange text messages (SMS) or email conversations with customers right in our business management platform.

Having all customer communication interactions in one place allows your business to deliver the best possible experience and customer support for your clients. In addition, it can help you build a robust marketing strategy by tracking and identifying key data metrics.

Never Miss a Customer Communication with our Queue Groups

With Successware Connection, you will receive your phone calls, texts, and emails directly in Successware, so you never miss any communications from your customers. When your Customer Service Reps (CSR) or Call Takers log in for the day, they can choose to monitor all queues, or you can pre-assign them to a specific queue based on their skill level.

Your business can also create queue groups for specific departments or different marketing campaigns, so you know what the call may be about even before you answer it. You can assign CSRs to the queue they know the most about to improve your customer's experience even further.

When a call, text, or email enters the queue, it will be directed to the first available agent, who can choose to accept or decline the interaction based on their current availability. This functionality will lead to less hold time for your customers because they will be transferred quickly to the first available CSR.

Complete Customer History From the Moment Your Answer a Call

When your CSRs accept a communication, the system will automatically pull up the customer record, if they are a current customer, based on the phone number they used to call your business. This feature will allow you to quickly get to the root of why your customer is calling so you can get a job scheduled quickly.

Access to the customer's record will also help you offer guidance for what type of service they may need because you have access to their job history, equipment history, and any maintenance agreements.

Your CSR will also have access to a complete communication history between your customer and your company. This history allows them to read through texts or emails to help understand the customer's needs.

Successware Connection will also know the lead source that the call came from based on the phone number the customer dialed. It will automatically track the source on the customer record, eliminating the need for your CSR to ask, "so, how did you hear about us?"

With this automatic tracking, you will ensure you get all lead captures. Tracking this data will allow you to pull reports about what lead sources are performing the best and giving your company the most Return on Investment, or ROI. With this data, you can better target your marketing efforts to the channels bringing you the most customers and job revenue.

Robust Features for CSRs and Supervisors to Enhance Customer Experience

Successware Connection offers plenty of great features for supervisors. We have a robust, intuitive supervisor dashboard that provides key metrics such as queue wait time, service level agreement (SLA) percentage, number of daily calls, and more. You can use these metrics to see how well your CSRs perform and offer ongoing training for things they may be struggling with.

Supervisors can also provide their agents guidance while on calls through mentoring and teaching. They can either "whisper" helpful information to the CSR or speak directly to the customer during the call. This guidance is a great way to teach and train new employees or coach any employee needing additional help.

After a call, recordings are immediately made available. Supervisors can use these as training pieces for what a CSR did well or could improve. It can also help if you listen back to a call to understand your customer's needs.

Successware Connection is excellent for your back-office to get in touch with your technicians with the simple click of a button. CSRs or Dispatchers can click on a technician's name and call or text them with relevant job information.

Successware Connection offers a simplistic way to interact with your customers with one convenient queue and a better customer experience through our automation.

Discover why Successware Connection is what your business needs by contacting your Account Manager, emailing us at support@successware.com, or calling 888-272-8009.

Successware Connection is part of our Success Tools line of products.