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Did You Know you can access any and all data about a customer from one single screen? Did You know that scheduling maintenance and service agreements have gotten easier? This is made possible with the help of our Customer Manager in the new Successware platform.

Our customer manager gives your employees access to countless pieces of customer data at their fingertips without having to search for what they need. Access to this information will provide your customer with the best possible experience when speaking and working with your company and help to build those strong, customer relationships.

Complete Customer History in One Location

From your initial glance at the Customer Manager screen, you will see the vast amount of information available to you. All this information will help you better tailor any conversations you have with a customer because you can see upcoming agreement visits, account balances, and more.

When you click on a customer record, you will notice four significant pieces of information:

  • Account Balance: Access to the customer's account balance has never been easier. The customer manager shows you if the account has any outstanding balance. It will also show the total amount invoiced. Having this information readily accessible will help you guide the conversation with your customer and follow up with them if you are waiting on payment.
  • Required Agreement Visits: A banner will pop up at the top of the screen, alerting you of any upcoming or past-due service or maintenance agreement visits that need to be scheduled with the customer. If you are on the phone with them regarding another job, you can use this knowledge as an opportunity to get the agreement visit scheduled at the same time. This will maximize your technician's time and improve efficiency because you can complete two jobs simultaneously.
  • Upcoming Job Activity: The customer manager's home screen shows a list of future and past jobs. This information is easily accessible so you can clearly see the job history and suggest work based on what has already been completed and may need to be done.
  • Customer Profile: This shows the customer's name and, if needed, the company they are associated with. You can also see their service and billing locations, along with how they heard about your business, or lead source.

In-Depth Information to Provide an Enhanced Customer Experience

As you dig a little deeper into the customer manager, you will find valuable information about that customer that can help you deliver the best possible customer experience for them.

  • Jobs: Complete history of all jobs you have performed with a customer can be found in an easy-to-read format. This can help if you get a callback and need to track down the job number or the technician who performed the assignment. You won't have to go digging through lists of jobs and can quickly locate what you are looking for.
  • Agreements: This section shows any current or past agreements your customer has purchased. This information, coupled with the banners about upcoming or past due agreement/service visits, will help you ensure your customer's needs are taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Invoices: If you need to resend an invoice to a customer or quickly look up the cost of something, you can do so in this section. A customer may call in and want you to walk them through a breakdown of their invoice, which can be done from this screen.
  • Tickets: When a customer calls in, you can see if they have ever had any concerns or calls that needed follow-up on regarding a customer issue. This section can help if a customer wants to know the status of one of their calls. You can see who the ticket was assigned to and can forward the customer to the proper person, so they can get the most accurate information
  • Equipment: Here, you will find a complete list of equipment installed at a customer's location or that you know the customer has. This information is essential because it will help you assign technicians to assignments or offer services that may be needed for the particular type of equipment. You can add equipment here based on your conversations with customers. This information can be used in marketing efforts as well. You can pull lists of customers with certain equipment, like customers with an HVAC unit over ten years old, and send them coupons or discounts for a new unit.
  • Happy Checks: This screen can tell you all about your customers satisfaction in working with your company. After completing each job, you can get feedback from your customer regarding how the job went, or a happy check. This is helpful to refer to when speaking with a customer because you will know if they have been happy with all work that has been completed or if they had an issue. For issues, you could potentially offer them a discount for their next job.
  • Communication History: Tracking all calls, emails, and texts has gotten easier! You can view your customer's complete communication history from this section, helping your employees to provide strong communication to your customers. This history is also helpful to refer to before calling a customer or while on the phone with them. You can see what has already been talked about and offer them the best guidance and suggestions based on what you have already discussed with them.
  • Opportunities: This section is excellent for gaining additional revenue. Any and all opportunities that your technicians have identified the customer needs resides in this area. When booking one job for a customer, you can look at this screen to see if you should suggest any other work. If a customer mentions work they eventually need, you can add the opportunity right from this screen for sales to follow up on.

All of the information that resides within the Customer Manager can help you enhance your customer experience by having a complete history of jobs, communications, and more. You can better tailor your conversations with customers based on what work they may need to be completed or if they have an upcoming agreement visit due.

Your customers will appreciate your knowledge regarding their homes and service history and trust you to help them get their next project complete.

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