Three Simple Steps to Increase Profits Through Upselling

Consider perfecting your upselling techniques if you want to increase your profits and average ticket size. Upselling is when you try to sell additional products or services to a homeowner besides what they are already purchasing.

Upselling products or services is a great place to start when you want to increase your revenue and profits. You already have a foot in the door with the customer because they choose to work with your business. Trying to tack on an additional product or maintenance agreement with an existing customer may be an easier lift than trying to obtain new customers.

Here is a three-pronged approach your team can start using to perfect their upselling techniques, which will in turn help to increase your average ticket size.

  1. Customer Service Scripts: One great place to start training your Customer Service Reps on upselling is through their scripts. You can add a section to each script titled “Upsell.” Here, you will want to put complimentary services, products, or agreements that go along with the service or equipment your customer has requested. If you use Successware, you can take advance of our dynamic customer service call scripting. As your CSRs enter the call reason, the appropriate script will populate which will help guide your CSRs with what to say and what additional items to offer the customer.
  2. On-Site Jobs: If a customer declines the upsell your CSR mentioned while booking the initial call, have no fear! If your CSR puts in the job notes what they offered the customer, the technician can pick up right where they left off. Since this won’t be the first time the customer hears about the additional equipment or services, your technician may have an easier time making the sale. They can explain on-site why the customer should consider the additional product or service and what benefit it has to them should they go through with it.
  3. Future Opportunities: If the customer isn’t interested in the additional product or service, your technician will want to enter the opportunity into Successware Mobile for your sales team to follow up on. When the opportunity is entered, it will go into your sales team’s queue. Opportunities are great places to start improving your profits with existing customers. Your sales team can consider offering the customer a promotion or discount if they sign up for the service or product today, which should help sales.

If you start with these three simple upselling steps, you should be able to slowly start seeing it pay off in the form of an increased average ticket size and increased profits.

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