Four Ways Successware Can Help You Run Your Electrical Business

In June of 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm — and ever since then, we celebrate National Electricity Day on June 15th! While we may not have any inventions quite as revolutionary as Benjamin Franklin’s to help you celebrate the day, we can offer four great tips on how Successware is the best fit for your electrical software needs.

  • Effectively Track Stock With Our Inventory Management Module: There’s nothing worse than getting to a job and realizing you don’t have the right tools required in your truck. Effective electrical service software, the Successware Inventory Management, will help ensure your business always has the proper electrical parts and equipment in stock and on hand.

Our platform allows you to track inventory within smaller warehouses (like company trucks), build comprehensive stock lists, create inventory requisitions and receipts, and more!

  • Evaluate Performance With Field Reporting: Interested to see how your electricians’ jobs are going at any given time? Or, would you like to see your overall productivity and profitability of electricians and the jobs they complete?

Successware offers reporting capabilities in our business management software for just that. Using the Successware field reporting software, you can get live updates of performance numbers. Once an electrician closes out a job, data on their work will be sent back to the office in real-time, giving you the most up-to-date metrics on your business.

  • Save Time and Money With Pricebook: With Successware, you can track everything your company buys and sells. Incorporating Pricebook into your business routine will save you time, money, and cumbersome errors. Here’s how:
    • Save time: Your current price book part items can be easily uploaded and integrated into our platform. From there, you can use margin formulas, flat rate tasks, and profit margin matrixes to quickly and efficiently calculate sale prices and markups!
    • Save money: No need to pay for third-party accounting software— Pricebook integrates into your accounting seamlessly. Successware is specifically designed for the home service industry. Our electrical service software brings your pricebook and accounting together in one platform!
    • Stop errors: Fat fingers and human error can lead to individual sales and expense types being assigned incorrectly. But with Successware, once you tie each item to a sale and expense type, the software will do the rest of the work for you! Pricebook automatically triggers how the item or task will hit your general ledger. And when you consider most businesses have 4,000 – 5,000 parts in their pricebook— this will save you valuable time, money, and headaches!
  • Quickly Identify Problems With Callback Tracking: Your electrical service software can do more than just track successful jobs— it can track issues with repairs or services performed. Callback tracking allows you to link customer callbacks to their original call, see if there are any trends as to why customers are calling back, and give you the data you need to take corrective action. For example, if the callbacks stem from one particular electrician, you can work on getting them additional training. Or, if callbacks are surrounding a specific piece of equipment, you can easily identify what is defective or needs to be repaired.

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