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Now Available: Successware Mobile 2.7 - Update to Forms, Notes & Photos

Feature Focus #7 – Advancements to Forms, Notes, and Photos

Our latest Successware Mobile release, Mobile 2.7, features many enhancements that will help simplify your technician’s job in the field, making it easier to locate things they need. Successware Mobile 2.7 includes the following features and enhancements:

  • We’ve enhanced Forms so that they can be:
    • Organized by Job Class and Job Type
    • Marked as recommended or required for a Job Class or Job Type
    • Emailed to customers with their invoice
  • We’ve updated notes so that Admins can now create templates for Selling Options
  • The Job Photos function allows technicians to
    • View photos from previous jobs on the customer record
    • Add photos to a previous job from the customer record

Our form enhancements will make it easier for your technicians in the field to locate the proper form they need for the job at hand. You can also ensure your technicians will complete the necessary forms for each job since they will now be marked as recommended or required. These required forms will have to be filled out prior to closing a job.

Notes templates will help your technician easily enter common job notes on a job site. This will save them time and allow them to be more efficient while at a customer’s home.

The enhancements to our photos section will help your technician easily add photos to customer records. They can also consult previous photos of equipment to help them diagnose any issue on the job.

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You can also read more about the features in our mobile app by checking out our Feature Focus Blog Series.

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