Smoke detector alert mounted on roof in home

October is Fire Prevention Month

Are You Prepared?

As we move into the fall, October brings us changing colors, cooler temperatures and Fire Prevention Month. With Americans spending more time at home, it’s vital that your customers are prepared in the event of a home fire. Now is the perfect time to reach out to them to recommend they replace their outdated smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms.

Successware can help you do that!

Did you know that the Successware platform can help you identify which of your clients are due (or overdue) to replace older equipment? It can also tell you who has scheduled their furnace tune-up and who hasn’t? Simply take your existing customer data and use it to generate marketing lists based on your customers’ specific needs.

To create a list of customers who are due to replace their fire safety equipment, login to the platform and access the reporting feature. For example, you can build a report of homeowners who have not replaced a smoke detector in the past 5 years. With that list in hand, you can email, call, or snail mail your customer to remind them that it’s time!

If you are a Successware customer and would like a detailed demonstration on how to generate marketing lists, please watch our Customer Database Marketing video. If you are not currently using Successware, you can request a live demo so you can see everything our platform has to offer!

We at Successware are pleased to play a role, no matter how small, in raising awareness about fire prevention month. We encourage you to have alarms on every level of your home as well as one in each bedroom for the highest level of protection. You may also want to consider having fire extinguishers in your house. If you already have some, check them now to be sure they are fully charged.

Be prepared and stay safe!