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Successware BookIt

Online Customer Appointment Scheduling Tool

Successware offers an online appointment scheduling tool for your customers. Successware BookIt is a fully customizable widget that can be personalized to fit your business needs and brand style. BookIt talks directly with our Time Slot Capacity Management feature, so you know you are providing customers with real time, available appointment windows.

BookIt allows your business to create multiple widgets for your business, such as HVAC demand and HVAC agreement visits. Or, if you have an HVAC business and a Plumbing business, you can create separate widgets for those as well. Within those widgets, you can further customize the types of appointments customers are able to book. You can select the job class from Successware Office you’d like to display in the booking widget and can rename it to more customer friendly language.

BookIt is also able to search Successware Office for customer records during online scheduling. Customers will enter in their phone number and/or email address and the system will search and pull up their customer record if they are an existing customer.

Contact your Account Executive for more information on Successware BookIt or call 888-272-8009 to get started with Successware today!

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