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Digitizing Your Business | Save Time and Efficiency

It is common practice for businesses to use paper forms and files. These are great when gathering customer information, but they also have some disadvantages. For example, storing them takes up space in your office and increases the risk of getting lost or damaged.

What if we told you there’s an alternative that will save your business time, increase your business processes and efficiencies, and save you storage space?

Digital tools such as forms and files have become popular among business owners because of their many benefits - time management, increased work output, better user experience, enhanced customer experience, and more. Here are some reasons you should ditch paper and move to an all-digital format for your business.

Save Travel Time by Utilizing Digital Forms and Records

​Digital forms and customer records will help save your technicians travel time to and from your office to customer job sites and any potential headaches that go along with forgetting these paper documents. By digitizing, all the forms and records your technicians need can be accessed from their phones or tablets, eliminating the need to travel to the office to pick up and drop off these documents. 

With technicians traveling to many locations during the day, paper information can get lost along the way. If a technician accidentally leaves a form or folder at a customer’s house, it may be hard to track down that information. When your business becomes digitized, you have all the information accessible on your tablet or mobile device. That way, important information can be easily obtained, is always ready for you to use, and can’t be forgotten.

Quickly Access Customer Information and Instructions for Jobs

Not only will your technicians be able to access customer information at the touch of a button, but also company documents and job instructions. Technicians will no longer have to carry multiple forms, paper documents, datasheets, or price books to job sites. All documents will be stored in the cloud, making them easy to acquire when necessary.

A digital form can also be used as a job checklist that your technician can follow to ensure they don’t miss a single step. This will help hold them accountable for ensuring they provide your customers the best service and care.

Essential Files Won’t be Misplaced with Digital Documents

Having tons of important documents stored physically can get messy. Think about all the storage space it would take up. Not only that, but paper forms can also easily be misplaced when shuffling them around and not properly organizing them. When you digitize your business, all important information is stored in the cloud, giving you easy access to all forms and records when needed for your customers—saving technicians time and making it more efficient for everyone.

Digital Payments Help You Get Paid Faster

With a digital business management platform, you can get paid faster in the field. You can create and send digital invoices to your customers on the spot! This is a much more efficient way to get paid because you can charge a customer for services before leaving the job site and no longer have to worry about your back office emailing or mailing them a paper invoice.

Once your customer receives the invoice, they are able to pay it immediately online in just a few clicks via credit card or ACH payment. This payment information will automatically be sent to your back office and tie into your accounting seamlessly. This can be done and tracked immediately, getting your business paid faster.

Offering Online Booking Helps Increase Jobs Booked

If you are looking for ways to book more jobs, consider digitizing your appointment scheduling. Online booking makes it easy for customers to book appointments with your company because they can do so at their convenience. Customers can book online at any time of the day and aren’t limited to just your business hours. This tool is great for getting jobs booked and on your dispatch board!

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