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Benefits of the Cloud: Latest Technology and Freedom to Work Anywhere

The fourth edition of our Benefits of the Cloud series is here. Today, we will focus on how the cloud can provide your business with the latest technology and freedom to work anywhere.

Access to the Latest Technology

One of the greatest benefits to having your business data hosted in the cloud is access to the latest technology. Cloud-hosting companies are constantly updating and replacing their servers due to normal wear and tear, which means you will have access to servers with the newest technology and be able to take advantage of their increased performance and efficiency.

With traditional servers, you do not get that. Updating them is a time-consuming project and can also be quite costly. It requires many hours and resources to perform the update and takes your IT team away from other jobs they could accomplish.

Having your business data and software hosted in the cloud means never worrying about updating them again. With the cloud, your software companies will push out automatic updates to their platforms without you having to lift a finger. This is quite the switch from traditional servers. Traditional servers require you to manually update any software you have since it lives independently from other servers.

The manual process associated with traditional servers means your business could be missing out on important updates to software. You could be missing out on key updates and enhancements to software that can help you run your business better and more efficiently.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

Another great feature of having all your business data hosted in the cloud is the freedom to work anywhere. With the recent pandemic, companies realized more than ever how beneficial having everything hosted in the cloud is.

The cloud allows you to access your files and data anywhere in the world you can get a WiFi connection. Your employees can work from home in the event of inclement weather, or you can check up on how your business is performing if you are on vacation.

With traditional hosting, you can only access your business data from your physical office location. If there is a power outage at your office, you will be unable to access your business data from anywhere else. This means you would be miss out on customers contacting your business to book appointments or with questions regarding their appointments or service, leading to lost revenue.

The cloud allows your employees to access your business data not only from anywhere that has a WiFi connection but also from their personal devices, like laptops and phones. This is a great thing to have because if an employee leaves their computer in the office and needs to work from home, they have options for accessing your data.

The cloud also does not restrict the geography of hiring employees. Since all your data can be accessed from anywhere, you can hire employees who are hundreds of miles away from your physical office location. This will help to ensure you hire the best talent for the job at hand.

The latest technology and the freedom to work anywhere are just two more of the major benefits of being hosted in the cloud. Stay tuned for the next edition of our Benefits in the Cloud series to see why more people are migrating their hosting needs over to the cloud from traditional servers.