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Coming Soon: Success Tools by Successware

We at Successware have been diligently listening to our customer's feedback on what tools they need to further manage and grow their businesses. In a world shifting to contactless, automated systems, we recognized the need and began developing new features and enhancements to Successware and Successware Mobile.

Over the next few months, we will be debuting Success Tools by Successware! These Success Tools include new features that will help you with the following:

  • An omnichannel communications queue featuring voice, text, and email, so you never miss a customer communication and will have a history of all interactions.
  • Online customer appointment booking, making scheduling effortless for both your customer and call taker/dispatcher.
  • Mobile timecard management with geolocation for your apprentices and helpers who do not need the full functionality of Successware Mobile.
  • Online payment functionality that lets you email a link to your customers with their invoice for online payment.

We are confident these tools will help you more efficiently manage your business. Success Tools will not only make your employee's daily jobs more streamlined and simpler but also will offer ease of use and less hassle for your customers as well.

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