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Successware Mobile FAQs

General Questions:

How much does Successware Mobile cost? Is there a device registration fee?

The cost to use Successware Mobile is just $75 per technician per month. There are no migration, onboarding, or device registration fees associated with Successware Mobile.

How can I demo Successware Mobile?

Simply click here to request a live demo. In the meantime, watch a short video highlighting how Successware Mobile works for your technicians.

Technology Questions:

What mobile operating systems support Successware Mobile?

Successware Mobile is available on Apple (iOS) & Android. It works best with the following:

Operating System Version:

  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 6.0 or later


  • Screen size 4.7 inches or bigger
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini
  • Best experienced with iPad 7 or iPad Pro (2nd generation and later)

Does Successware Mobile work well on an iPad?

Yes and the setup process is easy! You can have your iPads set up and your technicians using the app in the field on the same day.

How is Successware Mobile hosted?

Successware Mobile is an app downloaded to your Apple or Android device. It also connects to your on-premises Successware installation.

Do I need to update the Successware platform to use Successware Mobile?

There is a new add-on for Successware Mobile that was pushed to your Successware installation (LAN or Hosted) to enable the connection between the Successware platform and SW Mobile.

Does Successware Mobile interface with other software programs?

Successware Mobile was designed to integrate with the Successware platform, our flagship Business Management software for the Home Services Industry. While our platform offers many external integrations (visit our Integration Partners page to learn more), Successware Mobile only integrates with the platform.

Does Successware Mobile need a constant internet connection?

Once a technician loads a job to their device, it will stay active regardless of connectivity. As a result, technicians remain up and running if they lose connection. A loss of connection can be common when working in basements or in houses with metal roofs. However, with Successware Mobile, your technicians will not experience downtime.

Is Successware Mobile limited by how we deploy the Successware platform (e.g. LAN vs. Advance 2000)?

Successware Mobile works with all Successware deployments.

Will we still login into the Successware platform using Advance2000/Citrix?

Successware Mobile will be used by your technicians on their mobile devices. Some administrative functions will continue to be managed by the back office through a web interface.

Product Feature Questions:

Will Successware Mobile integrate with our pricebook?

Successware Mobile easily integrates with most pricebooks, agreements, call types, job types, and much more. Successware Mobile utilizes the settings in your existing Successware installation for a seamless experience.

Does Successware Mobile integrate with the Successware platform accounting system?

Our accounting system is a key piece of our value proposition and we have ensured that it fully integrates with Successware Mobile.

Can we use Successware Mobile to process credit card payments?

We've partnered with OpenEdge to integrate credit card processing into Successware Mobile. Click here to learn more about our partnership with OpenEdge.

Successware Mobile also supports your choice to process credit cards through other providers.

Can technicians display service discounts and change prices on multiple items on the same invoice in Successware Mobile?

The Successware Mobile invoice builder supports the application of service discounts and item price changes on the invoice (as long as the appropriate permissions are granted).

Can technicians edit timecards in the field?

Yes, technicians can manage their timecards in the field.

Does Successware Mobile integrate with Company Cam?

Currently, Successware Mobile integrates with DropBox for managing media files. We would love to talk to you about how you use Company Cam and how this integration could benefit Successware customers.

Can Successware Mobile users view photos and videos outside of an active customer job ticket?

Successware Mobile is designed to keep technicians focused on the job at hand. As a result, they can only view customer information for the job they are currently assigned to.

Can I manage my online reputation with Successware Mobile?

Successware has partnered with several top reputation management companies (PulseM, Podium, Customer Lobby, and Review Buzz) to support customer notifications and solicitation of customer reviews.

Does Successware Mobile display job history?

Technicians can see the last 10 jobs for a specific customer.

Successware Features

Sucessware’s All-In-One Business Management Software
  • Integrated Accounting

    Our integrated accounting feature is built directly into the Successware platform, saving your business time and reducing the need for double entry of information.

  • Scheduling

    Easily book new and recurring jobs, organize calendars, notify techs, and manage job details with Successware’s all-in-one business management software.

  • Dispatching

    Successware’s dispatching software for home services businesses makes service tech management easy.

  • Invoicing

    Reduce technician administrative time with one-click digital invoicing.

  • Inventory

    With Successware you can rest assured you’re staying on top of your inventory. Our HVAC inventory management software helps you keep track of the parts you have and the parts that you need so you can quote jobs more easily.

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