BuyFin Consumer Financing The consumer financing solution that meets all of your customers’ needs.

Unlock Growth with BuyFin Consumer Financing from Successware

Are you ready to supercharge your business, build customer loyalty, and increase sales? Discover the power of BuyFin Consumer Financing, our cutting-edge, in-house financing solution offered by Successware. BuyFin and Successware bring you a fully integrated consumer financing system that's tailored to elevate your business. Say goodbye to traditional financing woes and embrace a modern, data-driven approach.

Why Choose BuyFin?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer financing to your valued customers. BuyFin not only provides affordable monthly payments to your customers, but also helps you nurture customer loyalty while boosting your sales. By partnering with BuyFin, all data is seamlessly integrated into Successware and Successware Mobile.

BuyFin not only provides first look financing options for your customers, but second look funding options as well. Making it your one-stop financing solution.

Our Innovative Approach

Successware and BuyFin's approach to consumer financing sets us apart. We're not just another vendor; we're your strategic partner in growth. BuyFin gives you access to an integrated solution that industry veterans have optimized to make the process easy for both you, the business owner, and your customers. Our process is designed with your success in mind, and it includes:

  • Consultative Approach: Rather than just sending you an application, we take the time to understand your needs.
  • Data-Driven Plan Optimization: We analyze data to tailor financing options and payment plans to your specific needs.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Enjoy personalized support with regular check-ins.
  • Modern Reporting: Stay informed with transparent, up-to-date reporting.

Flexible Financing Options

With BuyFin, you have the freedom to create financing programs that align with your business and customer base. This flexibility empowers you to offer solutions that cater to your unique market.

Streamlined Processes for Success

By optimizing your consumer finance offerings through Successware and Successware Mobile, you simplify processes for your technicians, back office, and customers. This translates into higher job conversion rates and increased ticket sizes, benefiting your bottom line.

Key Benefits of BuyFin

Instant Approvals for Both You and Your Customers

  • Signing up is fast and easy for you and your customers using our modern digital software.
  • Pre-qualified offers are presented to your customers while only taking a soft credit pulls, meaning minimal impact on their credit scores.
  • Ability to provide a variety of financing options to meet your customers needs and preferences.

Competitive and Flexible Rates

  • Easily customize which products you offer to fit you and your customers’ needs.

Increased Average Ticket Sizes

  • Customers typically given the Max Approval Amounts on their financing which helps create upsell opportunities for your technicians.
  • Customers have a five-month window to utilize approved financing.
  • All approved financing can only be used at your business, ensuring customers book the job with your company.

A Consultative and Data-Driven Approach

  • Dedicated Successware Account Manager to help you navigate and optimize the platform.
  • Transparent, consistent data access and reporting using modern software.
  • Dedicated lending support: Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 11 PM US/Eastern.

Start offering financing today and optimize your consumer financing with our trusted partner, BuyFin. Contact our team for more information or apply now to unleash your business's full potential.

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