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New Features in Successware Mobile

Feature Focus #6 – Updates Designed to Make your Technician’s Job Simple

We are excited to let you know about all the new features and updates we have just made to Successware Mobile. We are continually improving our mobile app to make it the most easy-to-use and convenient app for you and your employees in the field. In our latest Mobile 2.6 release, you will now have access to the following features:

  • Duplicate button when creating options: When technicians are creating a sales presentation with multiple options, they will now see a “Duplicate” button. This will allow them to more quickly build variations of sales options for customers.
  • Automatic email population in forms: Customer email is automatically populated when emailing forms to customers.
  • Predefined notes: All predefined notes in the Mobile Admin have been moved to Business Setting section so they can now be organized company.
  • Down-down lists organized alphanumerically: Technicians will now find many drop-down lists will now appear alphanumerically. Lists include Job Class, Job Type, Employee, Lead Source, Zone, Equipment Type, Manufacturer, and Department.
  • Pricebook organization: This has been organized to appear alphanumerically and the search option has been updated to make it easier for technicians to find items.
  • Customer invoice signature history: This is now saved each time an invoice is modified and approved by the customer.
  • Estimated invoice PDFs: These are now saved to Dropbox once created.

These new features were designed specifically with your technicians in mind. We want to ensure that Successware Mobile is the most efficient tool your techs are using in the field, and we are committed to constantly improving our app to make that happen. To learn more about other features Successware Mobile offers, read our Feature Focus Blogs.

If you’d like a demo of Successware Mobile to see all the new features in action, click on the button below. If you have any questions or want more information, call us at 888-272-8009.

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