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    Successware Connection FAQs

  • Q:Can I keep/use my current phone provider for Successware Connection?


    You will have to migrate your phone numbers over to Successware Connection and our provider.

  • Q:How do I port over my current numbers to Successware Connection?


    Successware will facilitate the porting between carriers for you. With your teleco account code and phone number list, we will have you complete a Letter of Authorization for the porting. It will be communicated to both your current carrier and our carrier to coordinate the transaction.

  • Q:How long is the porting process?


    On average, the porting requests take between 14 to 21 days to complete, however, it may take up to 30 to 45 days. Please keep in mind any type of change or rejection can delay this process. It is important to thoroughly verify the Letter Of Authorization (LOA) information before submitting your request to ensure there are no delays and disruptions to the porting process.

  • Q:Who is the provider for Successware Connection?


    The Successware Connection communications panel is a Successware product. The VOIP telecom provider for Successware Connection is a leader in the telecommunications and mobile messaging space called Sinch. Along with providing the underlying messaging technology, Sinch provides a SaaS (cloud) platform that supports SMS messaging, third-party messaging apps (Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), voice, and video and handles 145 billion engagements per year.

    More about Sinch:

    • $2B+ in annual revenue
    • 4k+ Enterprise customers globally
    • 2k employees in 49 different countries
    • 500+ Direct connections to carriers globally; one of the only companies with direct connections to all carriers in Canada & U.S., such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc
    • Customers include 9 of 10 largest tech companies in the U.S.

  • Q:What is the bandwidth requirement for Successware Connection?


    Capacity for one call is 100kbits/s, so 10 calls equates to 1Mbps of bandwidth. (How many KiloBits per second in 1 MegaBits per second? There are exactly 1,000 kbsp in 1 mbps, where kbps stands for KiloBits per Second and mbps stands for MegaBits per Second (sometimes written as kbit/s and mbit/s)

  • Q:Is Successware Connection a standalone application?


    Successware Connection is our new communications panel that is fully integrated into Successware Office and can be accessed via a single sign-on.

  • Q:What type of headset do you recommend using with Successware Connection?


    You can find a complete list of supported headsets at the following link: This link also provides additional information regarding headset requirements such as they must have a USB connection and cannot be Bluetooth. You will also find the “firmware” needed for each headset and can use this information to confirm if your current headset is supported.

  • Q:Can I have a hard phone line with Successware Connection?


    Successware Connection is run through your computer and the internet connection, so you do not need a hard phone line.

  • Q:Can I use my existing hardware and phones with Successware Connection?


    Successware Connection is run through your computer and internet connection, so you do not need a hard phone line to use it.

  • Q:What do we do with our existing phone hardware?


    You will no longer need your current phone hardware as Successware Connection is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) application and runs through your computer and the internet.

  • Q:Is there a mobile phone application that works in conjunction with Successware Connection?


    There is currently not a Successware Connection mobile app, but features are being considered for Successware Mobile.

  • Q:How do I transfer calls to employees who do not utilize Successware or Successware Connection?


    You can transfer a call to an internal or external number (so-called blind transfer). You can also make a consultation call and then either join the call (so-called assisted transfer) or start a three-way conference (the line you are transferring to does not require Successware or Successware Connection).

  • Q:Who do I contact if there is an outage with Successware Connection?


    In the event of an outage, please contact Successware support at 888-828-0170 or Successware Connection has a Service Level Agreement of 99.9% each month.

  • Q:What do I do if my office or location I am working has an internet outage and I cannot access Successware Connection?


    Voice Over IP (VOIP) requires internet access to place or receive calls. The best way to keep your VoIP system up and running during outages is to purchase an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This piece of equipment is installed with your internet router to keep power supplied to a DSL, cable, wireless broadband, etc.

  • Q:What happens to a call that comes in if all of my Customer Service Reps or Call Takers are on other lines?


    Successware Connection allows you to create custom queues with prompts and hold music in the event that all your CSRs or Call Takers are on other lines.

  • Q:Can I forward after-hours calls to a third-party answering service?


    Successware Connection queues can be configured to forward calls to third-party answering service.

  • Q:How do you properly close out of a call in Successware Connection?


    Once you have completed the call with your customer, you will press the Hang Up button in the Connection panel. Your call will be hung up but you will not be active in the queue. You can use this time to dispatch calls or tie up any loose ends from the call. Once you are ready to answer calls, texts, or emails, you will press Close in the Connection panel and are now ready to answer your next customer interaction.

  • Q:What are the different permission levels in Successware Connection and what do they mean?


    There are three different user permission levels in Successware Connection.

    • Agent: You can answer calls, texts, and emails that come into the Successware Connection queue.
    • Supervisor: You can see the Supervisor Dashboard and all associated reports that go along with this, such as what agents are available and signed in, queues they have access to, hold time, recorded calls, and more. You are NOT able to answer calls, texts, or emails in the Successware Connection queue.
    • Supervisor/Agent: You can see the Supervisor Dashboard and can also answer calls, texts, or emails that come into the Successware Connection queue.

  • Q:How much does Successware Connection cost?


    Please contact your Account Executive for your Successware Connection pricing.

Successware Connection

Frequently Asked Questions
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