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Our integrated payment processing solution designed to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Home Industry Service Software

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The home service industry is a very competitive industry that performs vital work for our communities and homeowners. Successware is here to help you maximize your time, eliminate overhead, and generate more revenue daily. Successware is not only a business management software, but also a field service management software as well with Successware Mobile, our mobile app.

Some features in Successware that will help you grow your business and save time are:

  • Document and Image Capture: You can store pictures and documents in Successware of jobs you have completed, giving you a good overview of job history. These photos connect to your customer records so you can pull them up the next time you are called to that job site. You will be able to see what the equipment looked like the last time a technician was there and evaluate any wear and tear that has occurred.
  • Opportunity Management: Your technicians in the field are the best lead source when it comes to job opportunities for current customers. If a technician identifies a potential repair opportunity, they can input it into Successware for a salesperson to follow-up on. Your back-office can also run reports on these opportunities to better target their marketing efforts.
  • Reporting: Successware offers a robust reporting tool to assist with your business planning and management. You can run reports on your technician’s average ticket size, total sales, billable hour efficiency, targeted marketing lists, and more.

Successware will help your business grow through increased efficiency and profitability. Our all-in-one solution is just what your home service industry business has been looking for!

Learn how easy it can be to manage the numbers behind your success by giving us a call to schedule a free live demo.

Supercharge Your Solar Service Business

With Successware’s All-In-One Solar Business Software Platform
  • Get organized.

    Call taking, dispatching, integrated accounting, sales & marketing tools, customer relationship management, and customer reporting – all in one solution.

  • Retain your technicians.

    Easy to onboard and easy to use, Successware Mobile’s streamlined job summary form reduces technician administrative time and keeps your dispatchers happy.

  • Impress your customers.

    Notify customers when the technician is en route, recommend custom solutions and follow up with a satisfaction check to ensure the job was done right.

  • Make more on each job.

    Sales tools make even the most hesitant technician a confident one, helping empower your team and grow your business.

  • Improve profitability.

    Integrated accounting ties revenue to specific job data, allowing you to see the daily impact to your bottom line.

  • Squeeze more jobs into a day.

    Dispatching tools leverage technician skill set and current location to build efficient routes.

Hear It from The Businesses We've Helped

  • You have everything wrapped in one bundle.

    “The biggest advantage of Successware is the start to finish software...you have everything wrapped in one bundle.”

    - Steve P.
  • I love how easy Successware is to use.

    “I love how easy Successware is to use. The lessons are helpful for training, the support videos are easy to follow and if you can’t figure out how to do what you want from that, the support staff on the phone are extremely responsive and helpful.”

    - Shelly C
  • Successware has made a huge difference on margins.

    “Successware has made a huge difference on margins and making a larger profit. It gives you a new insight into your business. You can see things you might have missed or things you may have waited for your accountant to tell you; it's at your fingertips.”

    - Sarah V.
  • We can handle so many parts of our business with this software.

    “I like that we can handle so many parts of our business with this software, from invoicing to our customer database; a wide range of reports from equipment installed to job [cost].”

    - Amanda B.
  • Try it, you will love it!

    “Try it, you will love it! [We] would never ever go back or to another software program. After 16 years, using the historical data is amazing. Can find answers before clients even know [what] to ask!”

    - Judi M.

Successware Features

  • Custom Reporting

    Reporting modules help you measure, track, and improve various areas within your business. From individual call taker and technician performance metrics to job profitability reports, Successware gives you the data you need to make important business decisions.

  • Integrated Accounting

    Fully integrated accounting – no double-entry of information into dispatching programs or bookkeeping software! Not only will this save time, but it will also allow you to better understand your business by running both your operational and financial reports on the same data.

  • Mobile Field Service Management

    Get your technicians onboarded quickly with Successware Mobile –intuitive design makes it easy to learn on the job, in the field. Detailed views of the job, the customer, physical location, and equipment are all available at your technician’s fingertips.

  • Customer Account Management

    Reach out to every customer who hasn’t had a visit in the last year, target individuals with old equipment that may need replacement, or offer special deals to your membership customers. All of this is easy to do with Successware!